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Best Shortstops in MLB 2023

Best Shortstops in MLB

The 2022 MLB off-season leading into the 2023 MLB season has been red hot, with many top-tier players finding new homes, including a few of the best shortstops in baseball. Once known for its defense, the shortstop position has transitioned over the years to include both the defensive abilities to field and hit with the […]

10 Best Hitters of All Time

best hitters of all time

The game of baseball is loaded with a wide range of elements, all coming together to allow the game to be played. From pitching to catching to running the bases and hitting the ball, each part plays a role in the outcome of any baseball game. Of those elements, hitting might be the biggest and […]

10 Best Pitchers of All Time

best pitchers of all time

The history of baseball has a long list of great teams, great moments, and, more importantly, great players that have helped the game grow into what it is today. Throughout baseball’s history, the pitcher position has been one of the most important positions on the field from its beginning to modern-day baseball as well as […]

What Are the Best Seats at a Baseball Game?

Best Seats at a Baseball Game

The summer months are here, and baseball action on the field is starting to heat up. With the long MLB and Minor League Baseball schedule, the opportunity to catch not only one game but multiple games presents itself. For many fans making their first trip to a baseball game or even a fan who has […]

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains?

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains

Many fashion trends have shown up within the game over the years. From players wearing high socks to baggy baseball pants to crazy eye black designs. With more players making fashion statements with chains, one question that often comes up is why baseball players wear chains.  Let’s find out. Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? […]

Best Baseball Quotes – Motivation from Players, Movies, Life

best baseball quotes

Baseball has become an essential part of my life, from childhood days playing in the backyard to little league fields through travel baseball to high school baseball with dreams of playing professionally, watching baseball on tv, and watching baseball movies. One thing is for sure: any inspiration and motivation passed on before and during a […]

Best Baseball Podcasts in 2023

best baseball podcasts

You are missing out if you are a baseball fan and have yet to start listening to these best baseball podcasts. In this article, we look at the best baseball podcasts for you to get caught up on what’s happening in the world of baseball today, get an inside view and perspective from current/former MLB […]

What is a DP in Softball and Baseball?


There are two meanings for DP. DP in softball typically stands for Designated Player. In baseball, DP stands for Double Play. We cover both meanings in detail below: What is a DP in Softball? The position is very similar to the Designated Hitter in baseball, but there is a distinct difference. In baseball, the designated […]

What Does Bat Drop Mean? Baseball Bat Drop Explained


As you shop for the perfect baseball or softball bat online, you’ve likely come across the term “drop” or a negative number (-8, -10, etc.) printed on your bat’s barrel. But what does bat drop mean?  Bat drop and the negative number that denotes it represents and is calculated as your bat’s length to weight […]