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What is a Fielder’s Choice in Baseball?

fielders choice baseball

In baseball and softball, a Fielder’s Choice is most commonly referred to as FC in scorebooks. It occurs when a ground ball is fielded by a defensive player and, instead of getting the batter out at first base, decides to get a baserunner out that is advancing to another base or home plate. The base […]

How Many Players Are There on a Baseball Team?

How Many Players Are There on a Baseball Team?

There are nine players on the field. This concept hasn’t changed since the game’s invention in 1845. However, not every player can play every game, and with the increasing need for substitutions, roster sizes have changed. In fact, at just about every level of play, rosters are generally far above the nine needed on the […]

What is a PO in Baseball?


Youth players who experiment with different positions begin to see what role suits them early on. Some kids can play the field, hit, and pitch, all in the course of one game. Over time and with skill development, however, some kids find out that they are best suited to be a pitcher over any other […]

OPS in Baseball – What Is a Good OPS & How Can You Calculate It?

What is OPS in baseball - how to calculate OPS

Baseball fans generally love the statistics behind the game. One stat that has become a popular way to measure the overall effectiveness of batters is OPS, which stands for On-base plus slugging. OPS is a statistic that sums a player’s on-base percentage and slugging percentage  History On-base percentage was first used by Brooklyn Dodgers executive […]

Best Wood Bat Material – Maple vs Ash vs Birch

Best Wood Bat Material - Maple vs Ash vs Birch

Years ago, most players used ash bats. That soon changed, owing to Barry Bond’s triumphant display courtesy of a maple bat. Barry Bonds set a home run single-season record in 2001, and since then, the perception that maple hits farther owing to its harder, denser structure has stuck. Last year, for instance, about 70% of […]

How Long Does a Baseball Game Last?

how long does a baseball game last

Baseball does not depend on a ticking clock, unlike most team sports that use quarters, periods, or halves to measure time. There is no specific time length for a baseball game – teams at the highest level of MLB compete until there is a winner. How Long is a Baseball Game? The length of a […]

What Does a Backward K Mean in Baseball?

backward k in baseball

Baseball’s box score has all kinds of shorthand, which came from a need to keep things concise, since box scores were only printed in newspapers for the first 100 years after box scores started being used. While baseball fans are familiar with other box score abbreviations such as HR for Home Run, E for Error, […]

13 Hottest Softball Players to Follow in 2022

hot softball girls

Softball has produced not only some great female softball players but a long list of some of the hottest softball players that have put on the jersey, laced up their cleats, and taken to the diamond.  As time and opinions evolve, the stereotype that softball players don’t look like female players in other sports has […]

Difference Between a Shutout vs No Hitter vs Perfect Game

No hitter vs perfect game

When thinking about the most critical positions in baseball, the pitcher ranks among the most important, if not the most important. Teams that win the championship have among the best pitching staff in the league. There have been a significant number of fantastic individual and team accomplishments on the pitching mound. Arguably the most memorable […]

How Many Innings Are There In A Baseball Game?

how many innings in baseball

A clock determines the duration of a game in most team sports. In NBA basketball, there are four 12-minute quarters. NFL games have four 15-minute quarters. There are three 20-minute periods in NHL, while most soccer leagues have standard 45-minute halves. The list goes on and on. What makes baseball different and intriguing is that […]