What Are the Different Types of Pitches in Baseball?

Different types of pitches in baseball

A great starting pitcher can throw anywhere from four to five pitches anywhere in the zone for strikes.

One might be his designated strikeout pitch that he goes for early in the count when he’s got the batter in a hole. A great pitcher might only utilize one pitch, like Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera used his cutter, but they can certainly expand into having two or even three pitches that they feel confident in.

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American League top MVP Candidates

Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox took home MVP honors last season and while having a solid season, is far off the pace from a year ago. 

With baseballs flying out of the ballpark at record rates, there are several players having seasons worthy of MVP consideration.  Not to overlook pitchers, because they have in the past won the award, but it would take a very special season to win Cy Young Award and MVP honors.

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