Training Bats

We’ve reviewed a range of high-quality baseball & softball training aids for pitching, batting, fielding and more. Up your game with leading brands such as Rawlings, Easton, ProMounds, Wilson, and more. We’ve reviewed L Screens, Pitching Machines, Fungo Training Bats, Baseball Pitch Back Nets, and more!

All our reviews consider equipment that is suitable for individual/team use, indoor and outdoor use and great for all ages and levels of play.

6 Best Fungo Bats – Wood and Aluminum Options

best fungo bat

As a baseball or softball coach, the best fungo bat is a must-have in your arsenal – fielding practice isn’t complete without one. If you’ve never heard of fungo bats, this guide will answer any questions you may have about these funny name, strange-looking bats. Fungo bats are popular in the MLB and amongst baseball […]

Best Baseball Rebounder & Pitchback Net Reviews for 2023

best baseball rebounder and pitchback net

Often, the best way to get good at something is consistent practice. There are few things quite as rewarding as seeing your hard work paying off, however. So players who want a “one-on-one practice partner” for baseball and softball pitching will find value in investing in the best baseball pitchback rebounder. If you’re starting, you’ve […]

Best 9 Hole Pitcher’s Pocket for Baseball & Softball


Parents and coaches rejoice – The days of playing catcher for your kids are over! Your wrist and palms can finally catch a break. A 9-hole pitcher’s Pocket is like having a catcher that lets the pitcher know where they want the ball. Its nine individual pockets work as targets to help hone accuracy, while […]

Best Batting Cage to Buy in 2023

Best batting cage

The path to greatness consists of a burning desire to be the best, unwavering purpose, and good company along the way. For baseball and softball players who want to take their game a notch higher, a backyard batting cage can be a vital training aid. Thankfully, there are plenty of inexpensive batting cages on the […]

Baseball Strength and Conditioning – Training Gear for Baseball Workouts

baseball strength and conditioning

During baseball season, batting, pitching, and fielding practice sessions may take precedence over speed and agility work. However, almost every movement in baseball combines both lateral and rotational motion. Athletes must undertake baseball strength and conditioning exercises to build their speed, agility, and core strength to elevate their game to the next level. Exercises that […]

The Best Portable Pitching Mounds

The portable pitching mounds - Main image showing an actual mound on a baseball field

Portable pitching mounds replicate actual game mounds, such that they transition smoothly into the field of play to mimic the natural slope of an actual field, and the top-down view is an oval or circle shape. These mounds have become an invaluable training tool for pitchers of all ages. Below, we review portable pitching mounds […]

Best Training Aids for Baseball & Softball to Hone your Skills


A lot goes into becoming a better hitter, much of which depends on getting the right coaching & instruction. Another crucial but oft-overlooked factor is using the right training equipment. While these tools won’t instantly propel you to stardom, they will help you hone your technique. With repeated use, these best training aids will push […]