Cold Weather & Baseball Bats – Can I Use My Bat In Cold Weather?


We’ve seen lots of questions about whether its okay to play in cold weather. Whether you play baseball or softball, we will shed some light on these frequently asked questions:

  • Should I use my bat when it’s cold?
  • Which is better when it’s cold – Alloy or composite bats?
  • What are the best bats for cold weather?
  • When is it too cold to use my bat?
  • Will using my bat in cold temperatures ruin it?

Should I Use My Baseball Bat Or Softball Bat When It’s Cold?

Well, it depends.

For most non-wood baseball bats, cold weather is problematic. This is especially true for aluminum bats that have thinner walls than usual.

The primary reason for this is because the colder it gets, the denser the ball gets. A denser ball has a higher chance of denting/bending your bat or causing it to crack.

When Is It Too Cold To Use My Bat?

Most manufacturers do not recommend playing in sub 60-degree weather. Because the ball is denser in cold weather, the bat is more likely to dent/bend or form cracks.

Some manufacturers include this question when filling out the warranty form.

Are Alloy Or Composite Bats Better In The Cold?

Alloy bats (or aluminum bats) are better to use in cold temperatures than composite bats, as they aren’t as prone to damage compared to composite bats. However, this does not mean that you should use your bat in the cold at all.

Cold, dense baseballs or softballs will cause cracks on composite bats. Similarly, cold dense baseballs cause damage to aluminum bats but they don’t break or crack them. Instead, cold weather causes aluminum bats to dent at the point of impact.

What Are The Best Bats For Cold Weather?

Picking out the best baseball bat is largely down to preference. With this in mind, if playing in temperatures under 60 degrees is unavoidable, here are some recommended bats for use in 50+ degree weather (high-grade alloy barrels).

As you can guess, they are all one-piece alloy bats and are really durable:

For more options, check out our top picks for our best youth bats, BBCOR bats, wood bats, slowpitch or fastpitch bats.

Will I Damage My Bat If I Use It In Cold Weather?

Again, this depends.

How cold is it? How often do you use your bat in cold weather? Generally, while sometimes it may be unavoidable, we do not recommend using your bat in cold weather.

Be careful not to use a performance bat in cold weather. Instead, use aluminum or wood barreled bats if temps are below 60 degrees and above 50 degrees.

If temperatures are below 50 degrees, consider a wood bat or a cheap alloy bat.

Do Bat Warmers Help?

Bat warmers lessen the negative effects of cold temps on your bat. Expensive, composite or alloy bats are susceptible to damage in cold temperatures, and bat warmers help to minimize the damage.

However, the real culprit is the ball.

You’d still be using your bat on a cold dense ball. So for the most part, bat warmers help, but playing in cold weather is still a no-no.



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