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10 Most Popular MLB Teams

- June 2, 2023
most popular MLB teams

Who are the most popular MLB teams? America’s favorite pastime continues to deliver for baseball fanatics as the 2023 MLB season continues to move along, and fans start to turn their attention to the MLB All-Star game and the post-season as summer approaches. With 30 Major League Baseball teams fighting it out on the diamond, […]

10 Best Softball Players of All Time

- May 26, 2023
Best softball players of all time

Softball has been around for 100-plus years, with fastpitch softball emerging in the 1930s in the United States. While softball is a popular sport in the USA, it has also garnered attention worldwide, with multiple countries featuring women’s fastpitch softball teams during the recent Summer Olympics. The list of best women’s softball players of all […]

10 Best MLB Pitchers in 2023

- May 25, 2023
best mlb pitchers

The success of any Major League Baseball team starts with a well-balanced team that can hit, field, and run the bases but, more importantly, pitch. Without great starting pitching taking the mound each night, a solid bullpen to support the starting pitcher, and a dynamic closer to close-out games, it isn’t easy to win a […]

Aluminum vs Wood Bats – Which Is Better?

- May 22, 2023
aluminum vs wood bats

The aluminum vs wood bats debate rages on, with many making a case for either, with performance, cost, and safety all valid arguments for what makes a wood bat better and what makes a metal bat better.  Which is better, a wood bat and a metal bat? Here’s our $0.02 as we lay out everything […]

15 Wood Bat Companies You Should Consider

- May 11, 2023
wood bat companies

Baseball, from an early age upwards through Major League Baseball, uses very similar equipment, features the same rules, and even many of the same concepts. However, the type of bat used is the one difference when playing little league, travel baseball, or even college baseball compared to Minor League and Major League Baseball.  In little […]

Fast Pitch vs Slow Pitch Softball – 5 Main Differences

- May 10, 2023
fast pitch vs slow pitch

Softball continues to grow yearly within the United States and worldwide. A report from the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) indicates that over 65 million people in 130 nations worldwide play either softball or baseball. A sport created in Chicago, Illinois, in 1887 has continued to evolve into the game played today by all genders […]

6 Best Fungo Bats – Wood and Aluminum Options

- April 27, 2023
best fungo bat

As a baseball or softball coach, the best fungo bat is a must-have in your arsenal – fielding practice isn’t complete without one. If you’ve never heard of fungo bats, this guide will answer any questions you may have about these funny name, strange-looking bats. Fungo bats are popular in the MLB and amongst baseball […]

Best 1988 Topps Baseball Cards

- April 24, 2023
1988 Topps Baseball Cards

Topps continued to control the market into the late 1980s with a solid 1988 Topps Baseball Cards checklist that gave baseball card collectors a long list of all-stars, future Hall of Famers, and one notable rookie. That rookie card is of future Hall of Famer and long-time Atlanta Braves great Tom Glavine. With a loaded […]