One-Piece Bats vs. Two-Piece Bats

- September 7, 2023

One-piece bats vs. two-piece bats… Which one is better and why? Which option is better for a power hitter or a for a contact hitter? Whether it’s baseball or for softball, we often see this question pop up.

Unfortunately, the answers to these questions aren’t always as straightforward because every player has their own personal preferences. However, these bats are fundamentally different when it comes to their technology and construction.


A one-piece bat is a solid, continuous piece of metal. On the other hand, a two-piece bat has two parts – A barrel and a handle which are then bonded together.

One-piece bats are more rigid and have less flex through the hitting zone. They lose less power upon contact with the ball and generate more power as a result.

Because of this, one-piece bats are the preferred option by power hitters.

In contrast, two-piece bats have more give/flex when the ball is hit. This is caused by the fact that two-piece bat construction creates a “whipping sensation” and trampoline effect for a much noticeable increase in bat speed. An increase in bat speed translates to an increase in power.

This is why two-piece bats are suited to anyone with average or below average bat speed, and by contact hitters.

Two-piece bats are also better at reducing bat sting. They do this by redirecting energy back into the barrel & keeping any sting in the barrel from reaching the handle.

We have some popular one-piece and two-piece bats reviewed in our BBCOR bat reviews page, our USA Bats page as well as our softball bat reviews. Please read through to find the best bats to suit your hitting style.

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One response to “One-Piece Bats vs. Two-Piece Bats”

  1. HB says:

    So the 1piece vs 2 piece bat information to me, means that if you are a player who has good bat speed swing then the 1 piece bat is best for you in gaining ball speed off the bat. For my personal view I would say this is the main goal for every player to have good bat speed swing thus only bat to look for is the solid barrel bat. Please correct any error or miss guided understanding here.

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