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What Is an Eephus Pitch?

What Is an Eephus Pitch

The concept of confusing opposing hitters is a key to any pitcher’s success across any baseball league, from an early age at the little league level to the professional level, including the MLB. As a result, pitchers constantly look for ways to edge out the competition by increasing pitch velocity, putting more spin on the […]

How to Throw a Two Seam Fastball & the Two-Seam Fastball Grip

how to throw a two-seam fastball

The game of baseball is one of the most difficult sports to play around the world. From the earliest days of playing the game to the modern-day game played around Major League Baseball (MLB), players of all ages continue to get bigger, stronger and faster. One of the game’s main elements is pitching, as pitchers […]

26 Best Baseball Walk-Up Songs of All Time

best baseball walk-up songs

The game of baseball is built upon the storied history, milestone record books, historic Hall of Fame history, and the entertainment that takes place at every Major League Baseball stadium around the country. From scenic backdrops such as the B&O Warehouse at Camden Yards in Baltimore to home runs splashing into McCovey Cove to Bernie […]

Best Baseball Board Games

best baseball board games

When it’s too hot out, baseball season is over, or you can’t find a dozen or more kids to play a backyard baseball game, the best baseball board games can be a great way to pass the time. So pull up a chair at the kitchen table, slap out one of these board games, and […]

BBCOR vs USSSA Baseball Bats – Which is Better?


Player age, price, bat length, drop weight, bat materials – there’s so much to consider when picking baseball or softball bats. This article will be discussing bat stamps, which are yet another critical aspect when picking a new bat. In particular, we’ll be comparing BBCOR vs USSSA bats. What are the construction and performance differences […]

What Does OPS Mean In Baseball?

What is OPS in baseball - how to calculate OPS

Baseball fans generally love the statistics behind the game. One statistic that has become a popular way to measure the overall effectiveness of batters is the OPS stat. Lets define OPS in baseball – What does OPS stand for? OPS in baseball stands for On-base plus slugging. This is a stat that sums a player’s […]

Best Wood Bat Material – Maple vs Ash vs Birch

Best Wood Bat Material - Maple vs Ash vs Birch

Years ago, most players used ash bats. That soon changed, owing to Barry Bond’s triumphant display courtesy of a maple bat. Barry Bonds set a single-season home run record in 2001, and since then, the perception that maple hits farther owing to its harder, denser structure has stuck. Last year, for instance, about 70% of […]

Why Do Baseball Catchers Paint Their Nails?


When watching a baseball game on television, you may want to watch the catcher’s signals to the pitcher. It’s generally a wide array of a confusing-looking combination of fingers pointing.  One thing you may have noticed is catchers with their fingernails painted. It’s not overly common, but it’s necessary for catchers to use nail polish […]