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Best Sunflower Seeds – Top 9 Best Sunflower Seed Brands & Flavors

Sunflower seeds and baseball are a match made in heaven. They are as American as apple pie and are perfect for baseball, camping, boating or when you’re simply looking to kill time.

We’ve had the pleasure of trying out almost each and every sunflower seed brand or flavor out today – From bigs sunflower seeds flavors, chinook sunflower seeds to spitz sunflower seeds, we’re always on the lookout for a packet of good seeds.

Despite being a “David” guy all my life (I’ve been spitting seeds for the past 15 years), I tried “Spitz Cracked Pepper” and was instantly converted. This is hands down the best sunflower seed brand I’ve tasted in recent years. How had I never tried them before?!

In our review below, we’ll cover the top 10 best sunflower seeds and brands.

Here we go!

[amazon box=”B004DE9TC4,B01F5JJW1I,B07CBVZ5H9,B007PPOPNG,B004NBDCD4,B00PDLNWB0,B0026LJRW8,B07C243TQR,B000RHZWNG” template=”table”]

[review title_number=”1″ link=”” title=”Spitz Cracked Pepper” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

At number 1, we have Spitz. We love ‘em! I recently needed some seeds so I decided to give these a shot. After trying them out for several months, I can confidently say that these are the very best sunflower seeds on the market today.

Their seeds much bigger than the regular seeds, and you hardly get a bad seed, if ever.

Additionally, the Spitz sunflower seed brand carries a number of flavors such as cracked pepper, dill pickle, and smokey BBQ. They have you covered regardless of what you prefer, and premium packaging ensures the seeds are always fresh.

Flavor – Having tried out almost every flavor that Spitz has to offer, we settled on Cracked Pepper as the best flavor of the lot. The flavor isn’t overdone, but then again, it isn’t so mild that you fail to notice. Just the right amount of flavor to suit your snacking needs.

Salt – Brands such as David and Bigs will leave your mouth completely sore leave you with the much-dreaded sandpaper tongue. With Spitz, this isn’t something we’ve had to worry about because they have less salt.

The price – It’s impossible to beat Amazon on pricing, so you can be sure you’re getting a bargain.


[review title_number=”2″ link=”” title=”Chinook Seedery” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

Chinook sunflower seeds seeds are some of the best sunflower seeds I’ve had in years. Having tried out several brands, and I’m yet to see one that beats out this brand by a large margin.

They taste better than most other seeds, have larger shells (claimed to be up to 30% larger than other brands) and meaty seeds. They’re also non-GMO verified, but this doesn’t come at the cost of flavor. They’re delicious!

You only get to appreciate how good the seeds on this list are once you try seeds from the convenience store.

Chinook seeds are so good you can’t help but eat them all the time. They also don’t tear up your mouth, and have just enough sea salt to make them delicious, but not too much that they leave you with sandpaper tongue. You can eat these seeds all day.

These seeds are just SO GOOD! Personally we love the Dill Pickle flavor, but get yourself a few different flavors and see what you like best. They’re well worth it.


[review title_number=”3″ link=”” title=”Spitz Smoky BBQ Flavored Sunflower Seeds” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

The Smoky BBQ seeds from Spitz are great. Having tested out various different brands and sunflower seed flavors, Spitz seeds out-do plenty of other brands out there on the market today.

There’s a reason these made it to the best sunflower seed list. They are low in sodium (nowhere near Davids), fresh and bursting with flavor. Because of this, you can kick back and easily have a bag or two.

Additionally, Spitz seeds are something I’ve enjoyed for years. My family joined the bandwagon soon after.

They also make a great alternative for when Spitz Cracked Pepper just won’t cut it. For a fun twist, mix Spitz Smokey BBQ into a bag of Spitz Cracked Pepper and enjoy the resulting burst of flavor.

They are fantastic, but there’s only so much we can convey in writing. Try them and see what we’re going on about.


[review title_number=”4″ link=”” title=”Giants Kettle Roast Sunflower Seeds” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

One issue you’ll probably come across if you love sunflower seeds is the salt. Some brands are too salty and leave your mouth feeling horribly raw.

The claim is that these seeds have about 40% less salt. That said, they still manage to taste great. They’re roasted with less salt which means that they won’t leave you with the dreaded “sandpaper tongue”. Which is great if you like to eat a lot of sunflower seeds

They’re up there with our favorite sunflower seeds, and I’ve tried a lot of different flavors and brands.

If you want your seeds with flavor but don’t like them with lots of salt, give these seeds a shot!


[review title_number=”5″ link=”” title=”Bigs Sea Salt and Black Pepper” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

Bigs Sunflower Seeds Sea Salt & Black Pepper seeds are clearly some of the best seeds on the market. They come in a resealable bag, no artificial flavors or preservatives, are non-GMO and lastly, are USA-grown.

They taste so good! I like that they are bigger and drier making them a lot easier to crack open. The downside for me is that they have lots of salt. Add that to how much I love sunflower seeds and its definitely way more salt than I should be having.

Keep the bag sealed and in a cool, dry place after you open it. This will ensure your seeds are always fresh.

We recommend. If you haven’t had the chance to try these out, please give them a shot!

[review title_number=”6″ link=”″ title=”David Jumbo Original” img_link=””] [cta_button link=”″]

Our pick for best david sunflower seed flavor. Of course, the original, original seed makes the cut. These are genuinely some of the best sunflower seeds, from the packaging to the size and finally their flavor. All top notch.

Being what we grew up on, it’s nostalgic to have these tried and true seeds still make the list.

We love the “jumbo” shells. Cracking the shell is easier compared to the smaller seeds. They have lots of salt which means you probably won’t be eating these for hours on end. Just keep a glass of water handy.

They are extremely hard to find at convenience stores, but, fortunately, Amazon constantly has them in stock, and for an unbeatable price.

If you like sunflower seeds, give these a chance, they are delicious.


[review title_number=”7″ link=”” title=”Bigs Sizzlin’ Bacon” img_link=”,0,0,399,500_PIbundle-12,TopRight,0,0_SX399_SY500_CR,0,0,399,500_SH20_.jpg”] [cta_button link=””]

BACON. Need I say more? I’ve always loved BIGS sunflower seeds, and I love bacon. We hope the legend at Bigs who thought of combining sunflower seeds & bacon got a huge raise.

Bigs Sizzlin’ Bacon is a jumbo bacon-flavored sunflower seed brand. They are low in sodium, unlike other seeds that kind of overdo it, so they don’t leave your mouth dry. Add that to their authentic bacon flavor and you have a winner. However, I do wish the bacon taste was stronger. It’s somewhat mild in my opinion.

These are great for a quick snack.

Overall, we really love these seeds. Finding them in grocery stores is not always assured so the fact that Amazon stocks these, is fantastic. They come in a resealable stress-free bag which is awesome.

Bigs Sunflower seeds have several other flavors such as Tapatio Chile Limon, and Buffalo Wing.


[review title_number=”8″ link=”” title=”Spitz Spicy Sweet Chili Flavored Sunflower Seeds” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

Having tried most sunflower seeds on the market, I love these! They are so flavorful! Just the right amount of sweet and spicy. If you like spices and add spice to your food, you’ll love these seeds.

Spitz Spicy Sweet seeds are more spicy than sweet, but not in a way that’s too much for you to handle.

Spitz claims to roast the seeds in small batches to keep the quality high. Having tried a bag or two, we love them.


[review title_number=”9″ link=”” title=”David Jumbo Ranch” img_link=”,TopRight,0,0_AA500_SH20_.jpg”] [cta_button link=””]

As the official baseball and softball sunflower seed, David seeds had to make the cut. I’ve been a fan of David sunflower seeds for as long as I can remember. They come in many great flavors and a variety of sizes.

Their flavor, consistency, and nutrients make these a must-have for your next game. Unfortunately, they’re impossible to find at the convenience store so I’ve been lucky because Amazon always seems to have some in stock.

Again, we prefer the “jumbo” sized seeds because they’re easier to shell than the regular-sized seeds. They stay fresh for a long time and are rich in flavor. Not to mention you won’t get a better price then what you get on Amazon!

However, the salt content is high so these seeds may not be the best if you don’t love salt. We didn’t particularly mind the salt, and these turned out to be some of the best sunflower seeds we’ve had.

Enjoy but keep same water and lip balm nearby! David seeds have been a favorite of mine for years.

Why Do Baseball Players Love Sunflower Seeds?

Chances are that if you are in the dugout or watching a game on TV, you’ll eventually see one of the players chewing on sunflower seeds.

So why do baseball players love sunflower seeds? Besides the fact that they’re delicious, it was partly out of necessity.

In the 1800s, baseball players chewed on tobacco during games. Over time, however, people started to become aware of Tobacco’s harmful effects. It also didn’t set a good example for kids.

Soon enough, some players began to chew on sunflower seeds instead. This was sometime in the 1950s to 1960s, with their popularity blowing up and surpassing tobacco around 1980s.

Now, baseball and sunflower seeds are a perfect match.

Remember to always dispose of your chewed seeds in a container if you’re in the dugout so it’s easier to clean. Also, be safe – Don’t run and chew lest you choke.

We hope this list helps you in your quest to find the best sunflower seeds. How many of these flavors have you tried out? Do you have a favorite brand or flavor that didn’t make the list? Leave a comment below.


5 thoughts on “Best Sunflower Seeds – Top 9 Best Sunflower Seed Brands & Flavors”

  1. I’ve tried them all… Even tried making my own. There are a lot of brands and flavors that I like.
    My number #1? My go to?
    Bigs Old Bay Seasoned.

  2. I have found a small packager of seeds in SD to be the best. I love their Cheddar Dill and they have a wide variety of other flavors, too. Wild Dutchman, packaged in Mound City and Huron, SD have less salt and don’t leave my mouth raw.

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