Bat Buying Tips and Tricks

- September 7, 2023

At The Bat Nerds, we have owned and hit with more than 100 baseball bats. With our vast experience we thought we would let you in on a few things to consider as you comb through your 2018 list of fastpitch , baseball and softball bats. Our bat buying guide is here to give you tips and tricks on picking a new baseball.

Tip #1 : How much should you spend on a bat?

As a general rule of thumb, always consider something we like to call the “Rule of 7”. Simply put, your bat should cost no more than 7 times the number of games you will play with it.

So multiply the number of games you will be playing by 7 and do not spend any more than that number. For example, a 50 game BBCOR bat season should not cost you more than $350 , a 10 game youth baseball bat season should allow you to spend up to $70 on a bat.

If you snag a great deal and have the option to spend less, then by all means go for it! This tip however gives you a helpful upper limit of what you should spend on a bat.

Tip #2: Baseball Bat Sizing Charts Are Not Always Right

Bat sizing charts are not the end all be all when it comes to picking the right bat. The reason for this is because like we stated above, the weight of a bat does not show how easy or difficult it is to swing.

This is mainly because bats do not always weigh their stated weight and the distribution of the entire weight along the barrel will establish how difficult it is to swing.

The best way to find the right bat for you is simply to hit with it. You can use nifty tools such as the Zepp Labs sensor to see your swing speed.

However, when buying your baseball bat online, testing out your bat before a purchase is difficult. That’s why we came up with our bat sizing charts which we believe is the next best thing. Read on & see why it works better than other charts out there.

Tip #3: Bat Weight Vs Swing Weight

One of the biggest mistakes when buying a baseball bat is confusing bat weight & swing weight. However, bats that weigh the same do not necessarily swing the same way.

What makes all the difference is how the weight is distributed along the length of the bat. A bat with the weight more at the hands makes it easier to swing than a bat that has its weight concentrated at the end cap.

This is why bat weight is not necessarily an indicator of how easy the bat is to swing. Easton has made great strides in clearing things up. In the last year, they have released some BBCOR bats with swing weight labels on them.

Tip #4: Should I Buy This Year Or Last Years Bat?

Ah, the age old question. Should I buy this year’s model or last year’s? The answer isn’t always that simple. Sometimes certain bats have significant upgrades from the previous year’s model, but other times the bat just got a fresh coat of paint.

For January 2018, youth baseball bats are facing a change in bat standards. Read more about the new USAbat standard. The only way to know for sure if newer models have any changes that make it significantly better than the previous year’s model is to read baseball bat reviews for that particular bat.

As we write our reviews, we make sure to discuss any differences between the versions, and we will tell you whether forking out the extra cash for the newer model is worth it.

Tip #5: Buy Only From Verified Vendors

Many people only think about their warranty when it’s too late. Make sure that when you are claiming your warranty, you have a receipt from a verified vendor. There are numerous verified online vendors, but there are also those who are not. Ebay listings are especially notorious for selling new in-wrapper baseball bats, but without offering a receipt for it.

Note: Ebay receipts are not enough to work as warranties on their own.

When buying composite-barreled bats that come new in the wrapper (composite bats are most susceptible to breakage), ensure that you get it from a certified vendor and keep a vendor verified receipt. Without one, you’ll be out of luck should you need to return your baseball bat.

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