Clean Your Baseball Bat – How to Remove Marks from Your Baseball Bat

- October 29, 2017
How to clean a baseball bat
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A while after we’ve used our bats, we’ll ignore the marks on it that build up over time with this heavy use. While we think bat marks give your bat personality, sometimes you want to restore your bat’s original shine and remove any scuff marks.

Over the years, we’ve seen several ways touted as good to clean a baseball bat e.g dish Soap (mild) and Water, brushes for tough stains, rubbing alcohol etc.

Only use mild soap and water to clean your bat as they won’t damage the surface coating or graphics on your bat. Do not use solvents, acetone or other heavy-duty cleaners, as they will damage the surface.

For most baseball bat manufacturers, mild soap and warm water will suffice to clean your baseball bat. While this method will work on most stains, for the more serious bat marks, this method falls short.

The Best Way to Clean Your Aluminum Baseball Bat

How to clean your baseball bat

The best trick we’ve found to date is Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean This is a very handy method to get your bat to look like new in no time and works far better than the soap & water method recommended by bat manufacturers.

Magic Eraser has microfibers that work to remove scuffs & marks and works well on high gloss finishes. Simply apply a little water to your aluminum bat, and scrub away. We’ve found that fast motion & some pressure is the easiest way to get the marks out.

However, be careful about overdoing it, as it may leave minute scratches on your bat. Spend 10 to 15 seconds on each spot (from experience you rarely need more time for each spot)

Simply put, unlike soap and water, Magic Eraser works to clean your bat very well. That’s the reason this is the go-to method that we recommend for cleaning your baseball bat.

You can pick up Magic Eraser for less than $5, and it can last you for hundreds of cleans.

To keep your bat in tip-top shape, limit its use in the batting cage and instead get a cheaper good quality wood bat for instance. It’ll keep your aluminum bat performing at its best and you’ll spend less time cleaning it.

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