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Exit Velocity and How To Calculate It

How to calculate exit velocity

As the baseball world gets more and more technical while using science and technology to push the limits, terms that you may or may not know constantly get thrown out. One of these ideas is exit velocity, which is very prevalent in today’s game, mostly at the major league level.  Today, we will break down […]

Baseball Positions – The 9 Position Numbers Explained

Baseball position numbers

There are nine baseball positions on the field. These are: PitcherCatcherFirst BasemanSecond BasemanThird BasemanShortstopLeft FielderCenter FielderRight Fielder Each position requires a particular skill set to effectively get outs and keep the offensive team from scoring runs. Baseball rosters typically have 25 players so that the 9 players on the field are occasionally rotated through the […]

How Many Stitches Are There on a Baseball?

how many stitches are there on a baseball bat

A baseball’s makeup has remained unchanged for over 100 years. Rubber, cork, cowhide and length of yarn, are the fundamental materials that make the baseball. However, baseball has altered the ball to help even the playing field when competitive advantage has shifted from offense to defense and vice versa. One of these standardizations has been […]

End Loaded Bats vs Balanced bats – Which Should You Buy?

End Loaded Bats vs Balanced bats

You’ve probably come across the words “End Loaded” or “Balanced” when shopping for the right bat. In this article, we’ll shed some more light on the End Loaded bats vs Balanced bats debate. So, what do those terms mean, and which one should you use? Balanced vs. End Loaded Bats Balanced Bats A balanced bat’s […]