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Softball Positions and Numbers Explained


Softball is challenging but highly rewarding for both fans and players. While the simple concept of softball is somewhat easy to understand, it can be challenging to remember the various softball positions and responsibilities, softball position numbers, and even how many positions are in softball.  Over the next few sections, we will answer your questions […]

Is Softball Harder Than Baseball? Let’s Find Out

Is Softball Harder Than Baseball?

Is softball harder than baseball, or is baseball harder than softball? Both sports feature core concepts such as hitting, fielding, pitching, and base running. Despite their similarities, the two sports are also different as most softball fields are smaller, the pitcher is closer to home plate in most age groups, and pitchers throw underhand compared […]

10 Most Famous Softball Players of All Time

famous softball players

Despite returning to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2021, softball will again be removed from the Olympics. In spite of this, the sport will continue to move each year, with new softball stars appearing each season. With the sport’s popularity, one frequent question is, “who are the most famous softball players”? Over the […]

Top 15 Hottest Players in the MLB

hottest players in the MLB

The 2022 MLB Schedule is heating up as the summer months slowly start to arrive and hot summer air lands at a ballpark near you. The weather isn’t the only thing that’s heating up – hot baseball players are taking to the field each night through October.  Whether it’s Kike Hernandez of the Boston Red […]

What Are the Best Seats at a Baseball Game?

Best Seats at a Baseball Game

The summer months are here, and baseball action on the field is starting to heat up. With the long MLB and Minor League Baseball schedule, the opportunity to catch not only one game but multiple games presents itself. For many fans making their first trip to a baseball game or even a fan who has […]

Forkball vs Splitter – Everything You Need To Know


The forkball and splitter are two solid MLB pitches that give the pitcher a potential fastball-style pitch with some extreme movement. When thrown effectively, a nasty forkball and/or filthy splitter can be nearly impossible to hit with any power. This article focuses on the forkball vs splitter, covering the differences that set the two pitches […]

What Is an Eephus Pitch?

What Is an Eephus Pitch

The concept of confusing opposing hitters is a key to any pitcher’s success across any baseball league, from an early age at the little league level to the professional level, including the MLB. As a result, pitchers constantly look for ways to edge out the competition by increasing pitch velocity, putting more spin on the […]

How to Throw a Two Seam Fastball & the Two-Seam Fastball Grip

how to throw a two-seam fastball

The game of baseball is one of the most difficult sports to play around the world. From the earliest days of playing the game to the modern-day game played around Major League Baseball (MLB), players of all ages continue to get bigger, stronger and faster. One of the game’s main elements is pitching, as pitchers […]

26 Best Baseball Walk-Up Songs of All Time

best baseball walk-up songs

The game of baseball is built upon the storied history, milestone record books, historic Hall of Fame history, and the entertainment that takes place at every Major League Baseball stadium around the country. From scenic backdrops such as the B&O Warehouse at Camden Yards in Baltimore to home runs splashing into McCovey Cove to Bernie […]