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What is the Diameter of a Regulation Baseball?

diameter of a baseball

A regulation-size baseball measures approximately 2.86 to 2.94 inches (7.3 to 7.5 centimeters) in diameter. Its circumference is between 9 and 9.25 inches (22.9 to 23.5 centimeters).  As for the weight of baseballs, they range from 5 to 5.25 ounces (142 to 149 grams).  Evolution of the Baseball Prior to 1876, there was no standardization […]

What Does ‘Tipping Pitches’ Mean in Baseball?

What Does Tipping Pitches Mean in Baseball

Professional baseball has been in existence for 150 years, and for just about as long, batters have been finding ways to get an advantage at the plate. After all, one of the most difficult things in sports is to hit a fast-moving, relatively small, round ball.  Sometimes a batter can tell what pitch is coming […]

How Many Players Are There on a Baseball Team?

How Many Players Are There on a Baseball Team?

There are nine players on the field. This concept hasn’t changed since the game’s invention in 1845. However, not every player can play every game, and with the increasing need for substitutions, roster sizes have changed. In fact, at just about every level of play, rosters are generally far above the nine needed on the […]

What is a PO in Baseball?


Youth players who experiment with different positions begin to see what role suits them early on. Some kids can play the field, hit, and pitch, all in the course of one game. Over time and with skill development, however, some kids find out that they are best suited to be a pitcher over any other […]

What Does a Backward K Mean in Baseball?

backward k in baseball

Baseball’s box score has all kinds of shorthand, which came from a need to keep things concise, since box scores were only printed in newspapers for the first 100 years after box scores started being used. While baseball fans are familiar with other box score abbreviations such as HR for Home Run, E for Error, […]

13 Hottest Softball Players to Follow in 2023

hot softball girls

Softball has produced not only some great female softball players but a long list of some of the hottest softball players that have put on the jersey, laced up their cleats, and taken to the diamond.  As time and opinions evolve, the stereotype that softball players don’t look like female players in other sports has […]

What Does QAB (Quality At-Bat) Mean In Baseball?

QAB in baseball

With the increased use of analytics and sabermetrics, numerous new baseball statistics seem to appear daily. One of which you may have heard is QAB. A large number of fans have been following baseball for years and have no clue what it means. What exactly does QAB mean in baseball? QAB stands for Quality At-Bats. […]

Should Baseball Pants Be Tight? How Baseball Pants Should Fit

should baseball pants be tight

We often get asked questions such as “How tight should baseball pants be?”, “How should baseball pants fit?”, “Are baseball pants supposed to be tight?”, and even the occasional “Why do baseball players wear tight pants?” The pants you choose can either make or break your game. Overly baggy or loose pants can affect your […]

How to Clean Your Baseball or Softball Cleats

how to clean baseball and softball cleats

During a game, your cleats can pick up lots of dirt, mud, grass, and debris. Often, we see questions such as “how do I clean white softball cleats?”, “how do I remove turf stains from cleats?”, “Can you wash cleats in the washing machine?” Cleaning your baseball/softball cleats immediately afterward is part of the game […]