Best Baseball Podcasts in 2023

- September 4, 2023

You are missing out if you are a baseball fan and have yet to start listening to these best baseball podcasts. In this article, we look at the best baseball podcasts for you to get caught up on what’s happening in the world of baseball today, get an inside view and perspective from current/former MLB Players, fantasy baseball advice, news, and tips as well as the chance to learn about baseball’s wide history.

Here are 11 best baseball podcasts ranging from the best MLB Player podcasts, the best fantasy baseball podcasts, and the best baseball history podcasts.

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5 Best Baseball Podcasts Overall

1. ESPN Baseball Tonight featuring Buster Olney

At the top of the 5 best baseball podcasts overall is Baseball Tonight brought to you by ESPN, featuring longtime baseball expert Buster Olney. Olney dives in and covers the world of Major League Baseball while focusing on a wide range of topics, from trades to what is going on in spring training. With the Baseball Tonight podcast, you never know who might stop by. Olney’s guest list is long and loaded, featuring top MLB players, executives, and fellow baseball analysts/experts. 

Target Audience: Perfect for the MLB fans of today that want to keep up with what is going on in the world of Major League Baseball.

Post Frequency: 1-2 Times Podcasts Weekly (More Frequent During MLB Season)

2. Baseball America

Baseball America is another great podcast that covers a wide range of baseball topics, from the MLB scouting high school and college prospects to inspecting the top MLB prospects overall and the top MLB prospects for each organization. The Baseball America podcast also features in-depth coverage of minor league baseball, college baseball, and even insight into high school baseball delivered by a wide range of hosts, including Kyle Glasser, Bill Mitchell, and J.J. Cooper. 

Target Audience: Perfect podcast for anyone looking at the future generation of baseball players.

Post Frequency: Multiple Podcasts Weekly (If not daily)

3. Effectively Wild: A Fangraphs Baseball Podcast

One of the best baseball podcasts for baseball fans of all ages is Effectively Wild: A Fangraphs Baseball Podcast brought to you by Fangraphs. The show is hosted by Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley and looks at a wide range of topics every day. The two look at what’s happening daily in baseball, previews of what’s to come with the upcoming season, and so much more with a statistical viewpoint while featuring a long list of guests.

Target Audience: Perfect for fans that like the analytical side of the game and views of baseball in general.

Post Frequency: Multiple Podcasts Weekly (If not daily)

4. The Athletic Baseball Show: A Show about MLB

A newer avenue to sports information is the Athletic which has made a splash online while featuring a flagship podcast. The Athletic MLB Show features some of the game’s brightest analysts, experts, and even a former MLB player. It features a long cast of hosts, including Ken Rosenthal, Jayson Stark, Doug Glanville, Keith Law, and Britt Ghiroli, to name a few. The crew focuses on all aspects of Major League Baseball, from re-drafts of past MLB drafts to current top MLB topics to even the top prospects with Keith Laws’s insights.

Target Audience: Perfect for a wide range of baseball fans, including fans of prospects, the future of baseball, and baseball fans looking to stay up to date with trends in the game.

Post Frequency: Multiple Podcasts Weekly

5. Locked on MLB – Daily Podcast on Major League Baseball

Locked on MLB has something for everyone, with an entire network of individual podcasts. This podcast touches on a little of everything and is hosted by Pall Francis Sullivan, who created the Sully Baseball Podcast, Sully delivers you daily insights about what is happening around baseball, some baseball history, and his take on jerseys, while also delivering guests and outtakes on what’s going on around baseball daily.

Target Audience: Fans of Major League Baseball that enjoy a comedic take on a professional-style podcast that is sure to keep you entertained.

Post Frequency: Daily Podcasts 

Other notable baseball podcasts include Baseball & Chill, Big Time Baseball, MLB Pipeline, and Fangraphs Audio.

The 3 Best MLB Player Podcasts

1. R2C2

If you are looking for a baseball podcast delivered to you by a current MLB player or former MLB player, look no further than the R2C2 podcast featuring CC Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco. The longtime Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees ace teams up with Ruocco to deliver an exciting podcast on baseball, injuries, and so much more, including interviews with top sports stars from baseball as well as other sports. 

Target Audience: The R2C2 podcast will suit baseball fans and sports fans who love information and experiences from professional athletes.

Post Frequency: 1-2 Weekly Podcasts

2. Starting 9

Another popular podcast that is well deserving of a spot among the best MLB player podcasts is Starting 9 featuring former starter Jake Arrieta and Barstool Carl of Barstool Sports. The Starting 9 podcast focuses on a wide range of baseball topics and interviews with current and former professional baseball players and other individuals involved in baseball. 

Target Audience: General. Fans of Major League Baseball and anyone who loves baseball since they cover various topics.

Post Frequency: 1-3 Weekly Podcasts:

3. Unwritten: Behind Baseballs Secret Rules

Another popular podcast brought to you by former MLB players Ron Darling and Jimmy Rollins. The two team up to target a wide range of sports topics as well as the unwritten rules of baseball and incidents that have taken place on the field. The two also talk with former MLB stars, baseball analysts, and executives about the financial side of running an MLB team.

Target Audience: Delivered by former MLB players, Unwritten: Behind Baseball’s Secret Rules targets fans who enjoy listening to behind-the-scenes information, hearing player perspectives and learning about how they view the game.

Post Frequency: Multiple Podcasts

Other notable MLB player podcasts include The Bigs and The Compound.

The 3 Best Fantasy Baseball Podcasts

1. Circling the Bases

Fantasy baseball is as big as any fantasy sports league or sports betting in the United States and other countries. Circling the Bases is a podcast built to deliver fantasy advice, fantasy tips, and so much more to you. Brought to you from NBC Sports and Rotoworld Baseball hosts Connor Rogers, D.J. Short, and Scott Pianowski deliver insights, previews, and anything fantasy baseball related.

Target Audience: Fantasy Baseball Fans looking to learn, build and get better with their fantasy baseball teams, and daily fantasy baseball picks.

Post Frequency: 2-4 Weekly Podcasts Post (Daily During MLB Season)

2. RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Podcast

Are you looking for a competitive advantage for the upcoming fantasy baseball season or your daily fantasy baseball lineup on sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings? Todd Zola, Jeff Erickson, James Anderson, Fred Zinkie, Scott Jenstad, Clay Link, and other guests deliver a wide range of episodes almost daily geared around fantasy baseball information on topics such as fantasy baseball draft prep, fantasy baseball strategies, and so much more, including how to use fantasy projections.

Target Audience: Geared towards Fantasy Baseball Fans and fantasy baseball experts always looking to get better and win.

Post Frequency: 5 plus Podcasts Per Week (More during MLB Season)

3. RotoGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Hosted by RotoGraphs staff Paul Sporer and Justin Mason, the RotoGraphs Fantasy Baseball podcast is sure to deliver insight, tips, secrets, and much more geared toward fantasy baseball. The two focus all year long on fantasy baseball, from off-season fantasy baseball draft prep to daily and weekly updates on fantasy baseball values. Along the way, they share their fantasy baseball sleepers and busts, fantasy baseball strategies, and so much more related to fantasy baseball.

Target Audience: Geared towards Fantasy Baseball Fans looking for the most up-to-date information about what is happening around Major League Baseball and information to help win at fantasy baseball.

Post Frequency: 5 plus Podcasts Per Week (More during MLB Season)

Fantasy Pros, Fantasy Baseball Today, and The Athletic Fantasy Baseball Podcast are other notable fantasy baseball podcasts.

The Best Baseball History Podcasts

1. This Week in Baseball History

One of the ‘best baseball history’ podcasts is This Week in Baseball, a podcast delivering a this-week-in-baseball look at events that took place during a particular week in baseball history. While no one podcast is alike, This Week in Baseball History allows you to recap and relive the history of baseball at various points in time during the same week that we are currently in.

Target Audience: Baseball history buffs

Post Frequency: 1 Weekly Podcast

Other notable baseball history podcasts include Baseball by the Book, Baseball History Podcast, Three Swings, and Rounders: A History of Baseball in America.

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