10 Best Android Baseball Games

- September 4, 2023

As a baseball or video game fan, you have the opportunity to play baseball whenever you want with any one of these android baseball games. From realistic baseball action featuring MLB-licensed teams and MLBPA-licensed players to arcade-style baseball games, here are the top 10 best android baseball games for you.

Top 10 Best Android Baseball Games

10. Baseball Clash (Real-Time Game)

Baseball Clash is one of the most popular baseball games available to download for any android smartphone or tablet, released by Miniclip Games.

The game is fast-paced game featuring a head-to-head style of play. If you are looking for an arcade-style baseball or a real authentic baseball game, Baseball Clash may be right or not. The game features non-licensed players and teams.

9. Topps Bunt

Another baseball game that is available to download is brought to you by the sports trading card company Topps.

Topps delivers a card-collecting game called Topps Bunt that allows players to log in daily and collect virtual trading cards that players can use in fantasy-style baseball games for additional limited-edition baseball cards.

The game offers real MLB-licensed and MLBPA-licensed style trading cards to collect and trade. Other features include free daily game cash to buy packs of baseball cards and daily challenges rewarding you with additional cards as well as in-game coins.

8. Tap Sports Baseball 2022

Whether you are looking for just an arcade-style baseball or one that features real players and teams, Tap Sports Baseball 2022 ranks among the best android baseball game available.

Tap Sports Baseball 22 is brought to you by Glu. It delivers a realistic nine-inning baseball game while allowing you to play with your favorite MLB players across your favorite MLB baseball stadiums.

In addition, the game lets you build your dynasty team by collecting packs of cards and competing to win as well as daily challenges including bonus games, royale mode, and walk-off hero.

7. Super Mega Baseball

If you are looking for one of the best baseball games on the market and are not afraid of the $19.99 price tag, Super Mega Baseball is the game you should be looking at.

The game offers you the opportunity to play realistic simulation baseball with a realistic style play of baseball. In addition to a realistic style of play, the game offers up to four-player play, including head-to-head, co-op, and 2vs2 contests.

Use the in-game leveling system to upgrade coaching and train your players as you play.

6. Baseball Tycoon

Baseball Tycoon is a baseball game that’ll allow you to build a baseball club from the ground up, from acquiring your team to building clients and your stadium to developing/upgrading your players to enable them to compete head-to-head.

The game offers you the opportunity to be a virtual baseball team owner with all the decisions landing on your plate while trying to compete.

Completing tasks gives you a bonus that allows you to upgrade aspects of your baseball club.

5. MLB 9 Innings 2022

If you’re looking for another realistic-style baseball game featuring licensed MLB stadiums, teams, and MLBPA players, MLB 9 Innings 2022 is the game for you.

Similar to Tap Sports Baseball, MLB 9 Innings allows you a chance to build your team by collecting and upgrading players with collected cards.

In addition to current MLB players, you have an opportunity to add historical stars such as Babe Ruth to help build your club.

Use the in-game OVR Analysis Room to improve and create a team to compete online against other real players worldwide.

4. Home Run High

Next up on the list of the best android baseball games is Home Run High. Home Run High offers you a chance to run your own high school baseball team through a simulation-style game similar to Baseball Tycoon.

Throughout the game, you will spend time developing high school baseball players while ensuring they continue to do well with schoolwork as you build/upgrade your school facilities.

The game, brought to you by Kairosoft Co. LTD, allows you to use the team you build to compete against other high school teams in tournaments and contests.

3. Baseball 9

One of the up-and-coming baseball games on the android platform is Baseball 9, which has been around for a few years but continues to become more and more popular.

A mission-based game style that allows users an opportunity to complete and earn gems/rewards to enable you to upgrade players and your team.

Despite being an arcade-style baseball game, the game offers a realistic style of play, including monitoring your players to ensure they are ok and ready to play.

The only negative with Baseball 9 is that it does not feature licensed MLBPA players or licensed MLB teams and stadiums.

2. MLB Home Run Derby

MLB Home Run Derby is one of the few licensed MLB games in partnership with MLB.com and Major League Baseball.

The game allows players to face off against other players worldwide in a head-to-head home run derby.

Players can earn rewards, including MLB legends such as Andre Dawson or Jorge Posada. The game offers real-time updated cards and home run derby players moving from team to team through off-season signings or trades.

1. MLB Perfect Inning 2022

Landing at the top of the Best Android Baseball Game list is MLB Perfect Inning 2022. Like many of the other licensed baseball games on this list, it delivers users an opportunity to collect their favorite players while upgrading them during play.

MLB Perfect Inning 2022 offers users a variety of game modes, including arcade, league, and real-time battles against other players playing the game. Over 2,000 MLB players and all 30 MLB stadiums are featured.

Honorable Mention Best Android Baseball Games

Big Win Baseball

Another arcade-style game on android worth mentioning and just missing the list of the Top 10 Best Android Baseball Games is Big Win Baseball.

Big Win Baseball is brought to you by Hothead Games and delivers an arcade-style baseball game. Users have an opportunity to build their team while using regards to upgrade and develop players to compete against other players from around the world. 

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