6 Best Baseball Games for PS4

- September 4, 2023

Video and smartphone games continue to take center stage as technology evolves. From Battle Royale games involving battling other players in games such as Fortnite to building your own three-dimensional world in Minecraft to facing off head-to-head in Madden Football. For baseball fans looking for the best baseball games for PS4, here are six great choices for you.

Best Baseball Games for PS4

#1 MLB The Show 22

Best Baseball Games for PS4

Landing at the top of the list as one of the best baseball games for PS4 is the longtime favorite of the PlayStation brand MLB The Show. Once only available on the Sony PlayStation and the former Sony PS Vita, MLB The Show has transitioned to other popular consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and Xbox. MLB The Show 22 for the PS4 is the best when looking for a baseball game that provides the most realistic gameplay and graphics. 

MLB The Show continues to hit the market year in and year out with a new number to correspond with the year and a new cover athlete.

For the latest installment, reigning AL MVP Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels lands on the cover. The game costs between $39.99 and $69.99. As with previous years, the developers will offer multiple editions, including a Standard Edition and an MVP Edition. The difference between these editions is that the MVP Edition offers digital packs, steelbook packaging, and an additional 5k in Stubs used for in-play.

MLB The Show 22 offers players a chance to play with their favorite MLBPA players in their favorite licensed MLB ballparks.

This year’s version provides a wide range of gameplay, including Diamond Dynasty, Franchise Mode, Road to the Show, Single Player Mini Seasons, March to October, Home Run Derby, Moments, Challenge of the Week, Online Co-Op, Exhibition games, and Custom Practice.

For fans looking to play against other players, Diamond Dynasty allows users a chance to collect cards from packs to compete against other players playing the game.

Road to the Show and Franchise Mode both offer fans a chance to play the game over multiple seasons. Franchise mode allows fans to build a team as the GM. Road to the Show enables users to create a player starting as a minor leaguer and working up to the Major Leagues. 

We don’t like the fact that the game has turned to users paying for additional features and game packs to compete against other users.

  • MLB The Show – Standard Edition – Current Cost Amazon: $39.99
  • MLB The Show – MVP Edition – Current Cost PlayStation Store: $64.99

#2 Little League World Series

One of the newer baseball games for PS4 is Little League World Series. It gives users a chance to compete against others and fight for a chance to become Little League World Champ.

Little League World Series, which simulates the actual Little League World Series with the best Little League Baseball players worldwide, is now on your favorite console, including the Playstation 4.

Little League World Series offers users a cartoon-style game that allows them to customize their equipment, the look of their team, and even their batting stance.

One exciting feature that stands out is the ability to collect player-boosting stickers to build their team’s super abilities.

One feature the game is missing is head-to-head home run derby mode, which would allow users to compete against each other. Grab your copy of the Little League World Series today.

Current Cost Amazon: $49.99

#3 Super Mega Baseball 3

A third baseball game that all PS4 owners must look to add to their collection is Super Mega Baseball 3. Super Mega Baseball 3 delivers another cartoon-style baseball game with a ton of gameplay options and modes. The game lets users build their teams and compete head-to-head against other users while offering additional features such as Franchise Mode and Online Leagues.

The only feature missing in Franchise Mode is the inability to trade players to build your roster, meaning users only work through free agents available.

The online league mode offers a huge plus over years past while allowing users a chance to compete against others in a league.

In addition, the PlayStation store currently gives users a free trial to test the game before purchasing.

Current Cost PlayStation Store: $44.99

#4 MLB Home Run Derby VR

If you are looking for a Virtual Reality style baseball game, MLB Home Run Derby PS4 is your answer.

As you look to move up the leaderboard, experience real-life baseball gaming while competing in hitting the most home runs and hitting multipliers to increase your score.

Unfortunately, to experience MLB Home Run Derby VR, additional components are required, including the PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera.

In addition, different modes, such as full game, season, or franchise modes, are unavailable.

Current Cost PlayStation Store: $9.99

 #5 ACA NEOGEO Baseball Stars Professional (Retro)

If you’re a fan of retro video games, including popular NEOGEO video games, ACA NEOGEO Baseball Stars will be right up your alley.

This game delivers baseball fans, and fans of classic baseball stars a chance to play their favorite classic on the PS4.

The gameplay allows users to compete in two different leagues built with the best cartoon baseball players available.

Unfortunately, the one feature missing from ACA NEOGEO Baseball Stars is the ability to play head-to-head against other game users.

Current Cost PlayStation Store: $7.99

#6 RBI Baseball 21

When it comes to more realistic baseball games featuring licensed MLBPA players and licensed MLB Stadiums and teams, RBI Baseball 21 fits the need.

However, RBI Baseball 21 is the last title in the franchise after RBI Baseball elected to cancel the game moving forward.

RBI Baseball 21 allows users to create their own player, complete online head-to-head contests, and even start their own franchise.

Other modes featured in RBI Baseball 21 include Exhibition mode and Home Run Derby. 

The only real thing missing from the game is online league mode and online franchise mode.

Current Cost Amazon: 15.89

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