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How Many Stitches Are There on a Baseball?

how many stitches are there on a baseball bat

A baseball’s makeup has remained unchanged for over 100 years. Rubber, cork, cowhide and length of yarn, are the fundamental materials that make the baseball. However, baseball has altered the ball to help even the playing field when competitive advantage has shifted from offense to defense and vice versa. One of these standardizations has been […]

End Loaded Bats vs Balanced bats – Which Should You Buy?

End Loaded Bats vs Balanced bats

You’ve probably come across the words “End Loaded” or “Balanced” when shopping for the right bat. In this article, we’ll shed some more light on the End Loaded bats vs Balanced bats debate. So, what do those terms mean, and which one should you use? Balanced vs. End Loaded Bats Balanced Bats A balanced bat’s […]

Composite vs Aluminum Bats – What’s the Difference?


Baseball and softball players today have to choose from a plethora of bats. Gone are the days when wood bats were the only option available. Players who want something other than a wood bat need to consider the ‘composite vs aluminum bats’ debate. While composite bats have their benefits, the performance is pretty much even […]

What Are the Different Types of Pitches in Baseball?

Different types of pitches in baseball

A great starting pitcher can throw anywhere from four to five pitches anywhere in the zone for strikes. One might be his designated strikeout pitch that he goes for early in the count when he’s got the batter in a hole. A great pitcher might only utilize one pitch, like Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera […]

How Much Does a Baseball Weigh?


America’s pastime is and has been governed by a plethora of rules both written and unwritten for over a century, but when it comes to the ball that is thrown to start every single game, Major League Baseball has installed a little leeway.

One-Piece Bats vs. Two-Piece Bats


One-piece bats vs. two-piece bats… Which one is better and why? Which option is better for a power hitter or a for a contact hitter? Whether it’s baseball or for softball, we often see this question pop up.