The Best Portable Pitching Mounds

- September 6, 2023

Portable pitching mounds replicate actual game mounds, such that they transition smoothly into the field of play to mimic the natural slope of an actual field, and the top-down view is an oval or circle shape. These mounds have become an invaluable training tool for pitchers of all ages.

Below, we review portable pitching mounds from top brands: True Pitch, PortoLite, and ProMounds.

Practice Mounds save you some money owing to their smaller footprint. On the other hand, game mounds are larger to allow for pickoff moves and give pitchers the freedom to spring off all sides when making fielding plays.

True Pitch Portable Pitching Mounds

True Pitch mounds are the original portable pitching game mounds, having been around for 50+ years. The creator of the True Pitch pitching mounds started the company once he noticed his son giving up runs when he pitched in a championship game due to his lack of experience pitching atop a mound.

Since then, these high-quality mounds have become a staple in countless baseball parks in the United States. True Pitch Mounds are the only portable pitching mound approved in the Little League, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Bronco, Pony, Senior League, and Dixie Leagues.

True Pitch Mounds are made to official dimensions and feature a reinforced fiberglass base and heavy-duty green or clay 60 oz AstroTurf that lines the top. 

As a pioneer in the portable mound industry, True Pitch holds many patents, with one of them being their patented tapered edges. Their mounds have no lip or edge around them to allow for a smooth mound to field transition.

Their dimensions also mean that pickoff moves mimic those done from a regulation clay mound. Set up is easy, and so is clean up since the mound only needs a hose down after the game. Lastly, while players can use any type of cleat, plastic or rubber cleats are recommended since metal cleats will cause faster wear. 

The company makes about ten different portable in-game and practice mounds. Our best game pitching mound is their 202 series available as a 4″, 6″ or 10″ mound. It is suitable for players in the Little League and High School/Collegiate level.

The True Pitch Mound 202-4 is a 4″ practice mound that suits 6-9-year-old players. Its make-up consists of reinforced fiberglass covered in AstroTurf. It Includes pitching rubber and comes in either green or red clay-colored turf. It’s portable and lightweight, making it ideal for practice indoors or outdoors. Pair this mound with a 9-hole pitcher’s pocket, and you’re all set!

Dimensions: 4″ H, 44″ W, 64″ long, approx. 70 lbs.

The True Pitch Mound 202-6A (previously known as True Pitch Mound 302) is a game day mound made from reinforced fiberglass and covered in AstroTurf®. 

It is part of the True Pitch mounds approved for use in the Little League, Babe Ruth, and Bronco Leagues.

Dimensions: 6″ Height, 8’1″ Wide, 10’1″ Long, 200 lbs.

If you’re looking for high school or collegiate-level gameday mounds (10 inches off the ground), the True Pitch 318-G will suit you just fine. The 318-G is an 18′ fiberglass mound that looks and functions like an actual mound. It has four single interlocking sections that make it easy to carry or set up, although you need 3 or 4 people or a small trailer to move the different sections around. Check out the True Pitch Mounds website for more.

Portolite Baseball Pitching Mounds

Portolite mounds have been in the market since 1992, courtesy of a business based out in Minnesota. They make lightweight, durable, portable pitching mounds used widely at the high school, collegiate, and recreational levels across the United States.

Portolite pitching mounds mimic a regulation baseball mound while also allowing for portability needed to move them off and on the pitch with ease. Portolite mounds feature a fiberglass reinforced core that gives it a sturdy yet cushioned mound comfortable enough to eliminate knee and ankle strain.

Finally, AstroTurf® covers up the mound in either clay or green. 

This game pitching mound could also double up as a practice mound. As a stride-off pitching mound, it is less susceptible to wear and tear. It suits players who are 5′ and taller, ages 8 – 12, meaning that your child could easily get six years of use out of it. 

This 4″ stride off mound slopes gently for easy pick-offs. Pitchers no longer have to perform precarious balancing acts to avoid falling off the pitching mound. 

At 40 lbs, setting up and moving this mound on and off the field is relatively easy. Comparatively, the price point is excellent. One of the best models to get your Little Leaguer accustomed to pitching off a mound.

Dimensions 4″ x 46″ x 48″

Weight: 40 lbs.

The 6″ is a one-piece game mound for 9 – 16 years old. Like other mounds on the Portolite lineup, the full-length game pitching mound features a combo that includes high-quality fiberglass, poly, and Astroturf®.

It has smooth tapered edges and no “lips” that would interfere with gameplay. 

Dimensions: 6″H x 8’11”L x 5’W

Weight: 120 lbs.

The 10″ is one of two two-piece pitching mounds on our list. It’s a great option over the daunting one-piece full-size regulation mound. 

This two-piece mound makes it easy to transport, carry, handle, put together and store away thanks to its lighter, easier-to-carry sections, unlike the weight and size of the unwieldy one-piece. 

It features high-quality fiberglass, poly, and Astroturf®. It slopes gently for easy pickoffs, has tapered edges, and no lips to enhance player safety, 

Green and Clay color Astroturf® as color options.

Dimensions: 10″H x 11’3”L x 7’7″W

Weight: Only 110 / 120 lbs. per section

ProMounds Portable Pitching Mounds

ProMounds started as a portable pitching mound company, but they have since branched out into other baseball and softball training aids. That’s not to mean their portable pitching mounds aren’t some of the best ones we’ve used.

They make both gameday and practice mounds. Their mounds are made out of high-density foam and pitching rubber, making them some of the most durable and lightweight mounds you can buy.

Their mounds come in 4 sizes: Junior Mound, Collegiate, ProModel, Two-Piece, and Junior Mound. These mounds range between 2’6″ to 6′ wide to cater to players from the youth to professional leagues.

This game mound is perfect for youth baseball so that aspiring pitchers can work on their different types of pitches. Its lightweight and portable make-up let coaches convert almost any field into a diamond in a matter of minutes. 

Like all the other ProMounds pitching mounds, this mound features a lightweight, high-density foam, pitching rubber, and spike-resistant artificial turf. 

Additionally, this mound is lightweight, portable, and highly durable. Installation is a cinch too. Its edge tapers 1/2″, so rake dirt to its edges. 

Pitchers can, as a result, generate the pitch speed needed to strike out batters and safely regain their footing thanks to the extended foam, the pitching rubber, and the artificial turf.

Minor League requires the pitcher to land on the infield, while the Major league allows for extra length so that pitchers can land on the mound. 

The ProMounds Major League Pitching Mound meets official Little League® mound requirements for practice and game situations and is excellent for indoor and outdoor practice. 

Dimensions: 6” H x 60” W x 99” L

Weight: 70lbs

Their Junior Mound is perfect for young pitchers. At 2’6″ wide, this mound simulates an actual mound. It has a 6″ mound slope, which helps young pitchers adjust as they practice. Great for young pitchers getting their sessions in during the off-season.

This mound has high-density foam sealed via pitching rubber to create a skid and scuff-proof surface that makes the mound lightweight, portable, and usable indoors or outdoors.

The landing areas are strengthened, instilling sure-footed confidence and letting young pitchers focus on getting their pitching mechanics right.

At its price point, the Junior Mound is perfect for parents who want to buy it either for indoor sessions or for their backyard. 

Dimensions: 6’4″L x 2’6″W x 6″H. Weight: 54 lbs.

Their Collegiate Mound is a portable pitching mound perfect for the young pitcher training at the Babe Ruth, Senior Little League, High School, or the Collegiate level. 

The collegiate mound is 4′ wide and made with high-density foam to make the mound durable and lightweight. PRAT technology helps to seal the foam while ensuring that the mound won’t scratch or scuff floors. Lastly, the spike-resistant artificial clay turf makes for a natural game feel.

The collegiate mound will give young players a feel for throwing downhill while providing a functional landing area during training sessions. Players will benefit from the confidence built and thrive on the field as a result.

Lastly, the ProModel mound works best for high-level training sessions and will suit players at the highest levels of the game or those looking to leap to the next level.

The 5′ wide mound has built-in rubber and artificial turf to simulate throwing off an actual mound. Like the Youth and Collegiate model, the ProModel has high-density foam, pitching rubber, and spike-resistant artificial clay turf. The high-density foam makes the ProModel both durable and lightweight. 

The pitching rubber then seals the foam such that the mound doesn’t scratch or scuff your floors. The extra width suits taller pitchers and will be perfect for players looking for a consistent surface and hone their delivery during the off-season.

This mound has become quite popular due to the innovative design that makes it easy to use (either indoor or outdoor.), operate, or store.

The innovation in its design allows players to offset the landing area, effectively changing it from 4 feet to 6 feet. This larger landing works excellent for tall players and accommodates both right, and left-handed pitchers. Additionally, the two-piece has an interlocking system that stops sliding and provides added stability.

Construction-wise, this features lightweight, high-density foam and pitching rubber that seals the foam and keeps your floors scuff & scratch-free.

Turf completes the mound to give pitchers that all-important real game feel.

Dimensions: 4’W x 9’L x 10″H. Weight: 128 pounds.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Portable Pitching Mounds

Image credit: ProMounds

Pitching mounds have become commonplace in youth baseball and the MLB. They give pitcher’s an edge over batters due to gravity. The reasoning behind it was that a pitcher who stood 10″ off the ground gave batters difficulty getting hits due to gravity. If they weren’t, games would have a lot more home runs!

For this reason, kids must start practicing from a mound early on. Reason being that if your kids aren’t used to pitching off a mound, they’ll be lost in a game that has a raised pitching mound. 

Nowadays, portable pitching mounds can be bought in various shapes, colors, and sizes from many different manufacturers. Shoppers have plenty of options to consider. 


When we asked around, clay was often the most popular choice on any field. While some people liked the green turf mounds, clay was the most popular option due to its natural color.


When buying a mound, safety should be one of the main things you consider. Cheap, poorly made mounds aren’t hard to find. Sadly, they don’t last long and may develop soft spots. Landing on this spot may cause a pitcher to twist their ankle or injure themselves in some way. Also, ensure that the mound has tapered edges so that pitchers don’t trip on protruding edges.


Check what the mound is made out of before you spend any money. While cheaper wood-base mounds and faux-grass mounds may be more affordable, they are far from durable. 

Mounds made from reinforced fiberglass and weather-proof spike-resistant turf will cost you more, but they’re a much better investment that will serve you for years to come. These materials hold up well against the elements and can take a significant amount of abuse.

No mound is 100% spike-resistant, so your kid’s plastic or rubber cleats are recommended. Metal cleats will cause faster wear.


Plenty of travel ball leagues are using practice/bullpen mounds for game days. While these are okay for use in batting cages or bullpens, letting pitchers play baseball off these mounds is not only dangerous but does not teach the mechanics needed to pitch off a Major League mound.


The best portable game mounds should mimic actual pitching mounds. They:

  • Should be large enough to allow for pickoff moves and give pitchers the freedom to spring off all sides when making fielding plays.
  • Shouldn’t have a lip around the edges.
  • They should taper naturally to allow for a smooth mound to field transition and should never get in the way of the game in any way by tripping the pitcher, for instance.


The sooner pitchers start to pitch off a mound, the sooner they can play and excel at higher levels of baseball. Mounds have become commonplace now – with most fields either using a built-in mound or a portable pitching mound. They are a significant first step when learning the fundamentals of pitching, require less maintenance than a dirt mound, and last for years.

All the best!

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