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Best 9 Hole Pitcher’s Pocket for Baseball & Softball

Parents and coaches rejoice – The days of playing catcher for your kids are over! Your wrist and palms can finally catch a break. A 9-hole pitcher’s Pocket is like having a catcher that lets the pitcher know where they want the ball. Its nine individual pockets work as targets to help hone accuracy, while its size mimics the area the catcher occupies, while the pockets represent the locations of the catcher’s glove.

For coaches, this 9 hole pitching net builds accountability after a practice session by letting you count how many balls inside each pocket hit/missed their intended mark. Without it, bullpen sessions mean throwing into a backstop, which takes away the instant feedback required to learn & improve your game. The real-time feedback pitch on pitch locations works great to ensure players continuously hit the right spots.

A Pitcher’s Pocket is the perfect partner to take your pitching game to the next level without the need for a real-life catcher. Pitcher’s Pockets have been a staple in commercial baseball and softball training facilities for years. They are ideal for baseball and softball players across all levels – from beginners to seasoned pitchers.

Below are our top 5 9-Hole Pitcher’s Pocket Picks on the market. today.

Best Pitcher’s Pocket

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The Pitcher’s Pocket Pro is our #1 pick for the best 9 hole Pitcher’s Pocket on the market today. Its lightweight and portable design allows you to train at your leisure, be it in your backyard, field, etc.

Overall dimensions are 30″ H x 20″ W (includes foam padding, does not include legs). Its construction features a heavy-duty 18 oz vinyl passing, 1.5″ impact foam padding, and a galvanized steel frame.

The 9 hole pitching industrial gauge #60 net holds up well to prolonged, repeated use and is perfect for advanced pitchers looking to fine-tune their accuracy. Individual pockets measure 9″ high x 6-5/6″ wide and are separated by bungee cords.

It has adjustable legs that can position it between 4″ to 25.5″ off the ground depending on age and skill level. Its legs are removable for flat storage once training is done. The Pro lightweight at 30lbs, making it easy to carry on and off the field. 

Our verdict is that the Pitcher’s Pocket Pro is a terrific investment. And despite it being marketed for advanced players, we believe that its smaller size will help improve and perfect pitch accuracy, thus making it ideal for players in the Little League to the MLB.


[review title_number=”2″ link=”” title=”The Regular-sized Pitchers Pocket” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

The Pitcher’s Pocket (not the Pro) is perfect for youth pitchers that are just learning the ropes courtesy of its 45-inch high and 35-inch wide frame. 

Its pockets are perfect for beginners, as they teach the fundamentals of zeroing in on the perfect pitch placement, and the recommended option for softball players to practice the rise ball.

It has an industrial-grade pitching net with nine individual pockets. These pockets teach players to hit their spots and stay accountable after a workout. It is well padded so that it won’t ruin your baseballs. Its height adjusts to various strike zones as needed, which is handy.

Our experience thus far has been enjoyable, with this Pitcher’s Pocket from Better Baseball turning out to be a solid investment. Set up was a quick and easy process that took only a couple of minutes. The heavy-duty pitching net holds up well to repeated high-speed pitches, and the construction is sturdy owing to a #60 gauge net and a galvanized steel frame.

What Is the Difference Between the Regular Pitcher’s Pocket and the Pitcher’s Pocket Pro?

The main difference between the Regular Pitcher’s Pocket and the Pitcher’s Pocket Pro is the dimensions, which in-turn determine who it’s meant for.

The Regular Pitcher’s Pocket is larger, with a 45-inch-high and 35-inch-wide frame, which allows for bigger pockets that are great for teaching beginners to zero in on the perfect pitch placement.

The Pitcher’s Pocket Pro, on the other hand, has a smaller frame (30″ H x 20″ W including the foam padding. It’s smaller size better suits experienced players who have learned the fundamentals and are now working on perfecting their pitch accuracy

[review title_number=”3″ link=”” title=”Aceletiqs Bullseye 9 Hole Pitcher’s Pocket” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

This 9 hole pitching net from Aceletiqs is our 3rd best pick. We’ve already had a great experience with their L Screen, which we listed as one of the best L screens on the market, so we picked this Pitcher’s Pocket up with a good amount of confidence. 

The Bullseye allows you to have solo practice sessions right from your backyard. Setting up this Pitcher’s Pocket is quick and straightforward. It is 36″ (H) by 12″ (W) by 4″ (L). Fully extended; however, this Pitcher’s Pocket is 48″ high by 27″ in width. Its #60 Industrial Gauge net and its galvanized Steel frame give it the durability to withstand heavy, repeated use.

The Bullseye’s legs are height-adjustable for different height configurations that cater to different ages, techniques, and drills. Like many other Pitcher’s Pockets we’ve reviewed, the legs are also removable for easy storage.

[review title_number=”4″ link=”” title=”Fortress Baseball & Softball Pitchers Pocket” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

This innovative Pitcher’s Pocket is another way for youth, college, and experienced players to build and perfect pitching accuracy for baseball and softball pitching practice. Overall, the Fortress Pitcher’s Pocket measures 40in x 50in.

Adjustable legs provide 3 varying height options to suit players of all ages. These are: 50in (127cm), 58in (147cm), and 64in (163cm).

Construction is sturdy and features a powder-coated, galvanized steel frame for strength and durability needed to withstand wild pitches. The frame is then cushioned with a 10mm vinyl-coated foam padding. This padding protects both the Pocket and your baseballs/softballs from damage.

The pitching net is a knotless 3mm HDPP netting with 9 individual targets that measure 12″ x 14″ (30cm x 36cm).

[review title_number=”5″ link=”” title=”Fortress Portable 9 Hole Pitchers Pocket” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

The Fortress Portable Baseball Pitching Target is another 9-hole Pitcher’s Pocket that’s great for baseball and softball practice. 

Its 9 hole pitching net features 11in x 12in targets to help players improve their focus, location & pitching accuracy. 

The Fortress portable baseball Pitchers Pocket is easy to set up. Its construction makes assembling and dismantling it quick and easy and also makes it both lightweight & portable (weighs 13lbs | 6kg)

Construction feels nice and sturdy – Its base is made out of Powder-coated galvanized steel, while the poles are made out of 12.7mm fiberglass. Anti-slip feet give it the grip needed to practice both indoors & outdoors. It is then fitted with tough 60ply netting, which holds up well against repeated impact from baseballs & softballs.

The only drawback is that the pitching pocket is wider than the strike zone. However, there are provisions for adjustment with straps at the bottom that you can pull down to lower the top of the frame slightly, but this won’t fix the problem entirely. 

The Pitcher’s Pocket – A Buyer’s Guide

9 Hole Pitchers Pocket

The pitcher’s Pocket has proven to be an invaluable tool for pitching sessions. 

Youth pitchers who are learning to get to work different spots around the strike zone at their own pace. Parents or coaches also get a much-needed break.

The pockets we’ve reviewed above have a range of benefits – adjustable height, hardy pitching net, etc.

But what are your options when it comes to buying out a Pitcher’s Pocket? Well, a 9 Hole Pitchers Pocket will almost always address your needs. If you need additional pockets, what are your options? Here are the different Pitcher’s Pockets available today:

9 Hole Pitcher’s Pocket

The 9 Hole Pitcher’s Pocket is one of the best pitching training aids. The 9 pockets, which represent vital areas around the strike zone, serve as targets for pitchers to evaluate and improve their accuracy and precision. 

Its popularity is down to the fact that it realistically represents the strike zone. It works across all skill levels, and is adjustable to simulate play among different ages.

For these reasons, the 9 hole Pitcher’s Pocket is popular amongst parents, coaches, colleges, and pro teams.

12 Hole Pitcher’s Pocket

The 12 hole Pitcher’s Pocket works like the 9 hole, with the only difference being that the 12 hole Pitcher’s Pocket has more holes to aim at.

As a result, the 12-hole requires more precision as the pockets are harder to hit. 

16 Hole Pitching Pocket

The 16-hole Pitcher’s Pocket is suited to more experienced players. The 16-hole Pitcher’s Pocket is the size of the strike zone but with more pockets than the 9-hole and the 12-hole.

More pockets provide even more targets for pitchers to aim at.


Happy practice, and aim for the corners to strike out the batter!


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