Easton Pro Style Collapsible + Portable L Screen – Full Review!!

- September 6, 2023

Today we profile Easton’s collapsible L screen, one of our top picks for best L Screen for baseball.

L Screens are a safety must-have for any live batting on the field or in the cage. They allow pitchers to throw the ball while remaining protected behind the net, without the worry of getting hit. They are a helpful and critical tool for all skill levels – from t-ball, to little league, high school, college, all the way to the professional leagues. 

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Easton’s collapsible L Screen has 3 panels that are super sturdy and durable. This screen can, as a result, stand up to the hardest of hits for a long time. These panels then hold a two-sided, weather-treated polyester netting that is strong enough to keep pitchers safe, and will hold up come sun, rain, sleet or snow. (You should probably keep it out of adverse conditions if you want it to last.)

Setting it up was quick and easy. It took me anywhere a couple of minutes to get it fully set up. Simply straighten it up and secure the locks in place.


Weighing in at 50 lbs, this is one of the heaviest, if not the heaviest screen on the market. Theoretically, this also makes it also one of the least portable L Screens on the market. 

But, despite 50 lbs putting it on the higher end of the weight scale, the weight of this collapsible l screen is exactly what makes it so sturdy and durable. Any lighter, and it would just topple over in the face of a particularly vicious line drive. 

The Easton Collapsible L Screen makes up for this with its collapsible frame. This nifty feature that makes it fold down so that it’s portable, easy to store and transport. Its ability to fold suddenly turns this previously unwieldy L Screen into one that’s easily portale.

Collapsing it is quick and easy. It took me a couple of seconds to do, after which it measures a mere 41 by 42 by 4 inches. This will easily fit in your truck or in your car with some maneuvering.

Fully assembled, the Easton Collapsible L Screen measures approximately 6.5 ft tall which should be sufficient to protect even the taller pitchers. Its configured opening makes it such that you can easily switch between right or left handed pitching.


Despite the weight being somewhat of a drawback, the Easton Collapsible L Screen is a fantastic pick for a number of reasons. First, it’s high quality, durable materials which will surely give you bang for your buck. Secondly, its weight makes it really sturdy despite it being one of the heaviest L Screens. It provides a real sense of security as you stand behind it.

The third benefit is that set up is simple and easy and doesn’t need any Bob The Builder type skills & tools.

Finally, its portability (owing to the fact that it folds up) means you can load it up on the back of your truck or car, and still carry it onto the field all by yourself. At 50 lbs, it isn’t lightweight, but also isn’t too bulky to bring it around with you. Youth players and seniors may need some help though.

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