12 Best Baseball L Screens for the Money

- September 6, 2023

Your protection on the field is paramount. An L Screen is one of the most vital pieces of equipment you need during your training sessions. For this reason, cheaping out is not an option. You need to pick something that will last you for years – The best baseball L Screens are an investment and worth spending a little more.

Here are top 11 pitching L screens.

Our Top 5 L Screen Picks

We’ve picked 5 top quality, portable L Screens that are sure to protect you during practice sessions. These options are great for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Best L Screen Picks – Our Top 12 Reviewed

As one of the best heavy-duty L Screens on the market today, the Easton Pro Style L Screen is top of the line. It’ll protect your budding star from line drives and other hits during batting practice. Compatible with portable pitching machines, the Easton Pro is 7 feet tall by 7 feet wide when fully set up, and can be configured for either left or right-handed pitchers.

This screen’s structure is constructed out of three hardy panels which hold the two-sided, weather-treated polyester netting in place. It is incredibly sturdy, unlike some of the cheaper models on the market.

It is also lightweight (but far from flimsy while not being too bulky to move around). When not in use, it folds down to 41 by 42 by 4 inches, which makes it easy to load it and out of your car, and is also really easy to assemble – simply unfold it and you’re all set. Excellent quality and definitely worth the money!

Built to professional standards, the ultra heavy-duty Net World Sports Fortress is suitable for baseball & softball practice, and protects pitchers and pitching coaches at a decent price.

Made from a sturdy steel frame, the Net World Sports Fortress L-Screen stands at 7ft x 7ft and comes with a heavy-duty weatherproof #42-grade poly twine net that is UV treated to guard against direct sunlight and is rot and corrosion-proof.

In addition, the netting features a pillowcase style design that has overlocked edges to protect pitchers.

Its 1.5in steel frame is secured using an inventive button locking system that gives it excellent stability and helps it cope easily against hard hits. Also, and has a powder-coated black finish for rust resistance.

L Screen has wide steel feet which give it stability on windy days or under hard line drives. Lastly, moving the FORTRESS L-Screen around your batting cage, backyard, or field is quick and easy.

At dimensions of 8’ height and 7’ of width, the Bownet Pro Series is the best L Screen for the up and coming baseball or softball player. It stands at the next step up for the developing baseball and softball player but is also incredibly well built to suit the quality and durability that professional players and coaches alike require.

The Bownet Pro is made with sturdy fiberglass poles, a durable steel base, and heavy professional-grade netting.

It is fairly easy to set up, taking less than 2 minutes once you’ve snapped all the pieces together.

The Champro L-Screen is yet another great choice for your on-field screen needs. It protects pitchers from dangerous line drives and other hits while they toss.

The L shape on this screen is reversible, which makes it ideal for both right and left-handed pitchers. Its durable frame and net construction feature a 45-ply polyethylene net that’s durable and offers protection despite the weather. It also comes equipped with a 1. 5″, 18 gauge steel tube frame, making it perfect for every day on-field play.

This purchase is one of the best ways I’ve spent money on sports gear. I got it set up in under 10 minutes. Also, because of its material, the P.E net is naturally waterproof, plus it’s also resistant to mildew and rot. Weighing in at 37lbs, moving it from the house to the field was a breeze because it’s so lightweight.

Champro recommends this for on-field practice, not for use in a batting cage (try their BRUTE L-Screens instead)

Get this L frame pitching screen & ramp up your baseball & softball practice.

The Trigon Sports ‘Black Series’ L-Screen is a great pick for the money. I’ve used it for little league baseball practice, and it has definitely come in handy against my son’s vicious line drives.

This is a 7’ x 7’ screen that has an 18-gauge powder-coated 1.5” steel frame. Its push-button assembly makes it fairly easy to set up or take apart, but lacing it up at the bottom can be a tad problematic.

It also comes with a double pillowcase #42 netting that is waterproof and slides easily over the screen’s frame.

It is lightweight and portable, so moving it around is also easy. While the steel tubing is a solid, but lighter gauge, it is sturdy enough for home use, but I wouldn’t recommend it for team use.

The 7’x7′ frame and heavy-duty 1.5″ steel tubing that has a locking snap-pin mechanism makes it easy to set up this particular L Screen whenever you need to.

The matte black finish looks great and holds up well against the elements. Its #42 netting slips easily onto the frame and can take mean line drives from stronger players with ease.

It’s arched frame legs provide ample stability where the ground is uneven ground, and the rubber end caps for legs provide traction and protect floors.

The Skywalker safety screen is great for outdoor use. It features a powder-coated, heavy-duty steel tubing to guard against the elements. The netting is strong enough to handle powerful hits from even advanced hitters.

This screen is quite easy to set up – you only need to slip the net over the frame and get to work. This L Screen is great for outdoor play and seems sturdy enough to withstand hours of use.

Easton’s pop-up l-screen is a durable L screen that protects pitchers during practice sessions. The lightweight and portable design make it easy to move around. The design also makes setting it up or taking it apart a quick 2-minute job.

Weighing in at 22lbs, it’s design also includes three steel and two fiberglass rods, providing a frame for net 7′ x 7′ heavy-duty double-stitched netting to prevent tearing. Four rectangle-shaped aluminum tubes create a stable base for the screen to keep it from toppling over.

This heavy-duty L Screen will guarantee peace of mind for both pitchers and coaches alike.

Easy to manoeuvre, the Fortress Pop-Up L-Screen is lightweight, and easy to move around. Players and coaches can move it with ease, from the locker room to the diamond. It also slots neatly into the bag it comes with, meaning you are not restricted to training in one particular area.

Setting up the Fortress L-Screen is easy. It only takes a matter of minutes giving players more time practicing and less time figuring out what goes where.

At 7ft x 7ft, the Fortress L-Screen features 0.9-inch thick, heavy-duty steel base poles, which allow it to withstand even the most vicious line drives for years. Coupled with its 1.8-inch thick netting, any balls hit off it will simply rebound off of it.

The 0.5in thick fibreglass frame poles help the screen stand upright. They also make the Fortress Pop-Up L-Screen strong, and lightweight. Also, its four U-pegs ensure that the L Screen is firmly rooted to the ground, which protects the pitcher from getting hurt.

Lastly, this screen comes complete with a carry bag that makes lugging the L-Screen to and fro extremely easy.


This is a professional style, heavy-duty L Screen. It incorporates a larger screen and heavier netting, and sturdy 2” thick steel tubing. This screen is worth its price tag, without a doubt. Standing behind it inspires the feeling of safety from my collegiate-playing child’s line drives.

It has a powder-coat weather-resistant finish, and a diagonal tube on its side that works well to provide additional protection, in addition to its double-faced commercial grade netting.

The ATEC has removable legs, and whilst the wheel kit comes as optional, and I’d definitely recommend you get it to make it easier to lug it around.

Don’t let the cost of the CHAMPRO MVP Portable L-Screen fool you. I’ve tested this out for BBCOR practice, and it held up well to multiple line drives. This screen does a great job protecting pitchers or coaches from balls hit up the middle during batting practice.

It features a durable steel base, shock-absorbing fiberglass poles and 30-ply polyethylene netting. This will endure most little league and college-level batting practice sessions.

Its 7-foot base keeps the screen from toppling over from impact. You can further secure it using stakes for stronger hitters or windy days. The MVP portable L Screen is easy to set up and take down. Weighing in at under 15 pounds, its lightweight design – and the convenient carry case it comes with – make it incredibly easy to toss in the back of your truck and get a move on.

The MVP L-Screen is also adaptable to suit both right or left-handed pitchers.

The CHAMPRO L Screen built for use in batting cages.

Featuring durable 13.5 gauge 1.5-inch diameter steel tubes, its construction holds up extremely well to line drives and the kind of continuous impact so common in batting cages. Weighing in at 60 pounds, its weight makes it perfect for use in batting cages. It’s hardy enough to withstand repeated use in batting cages for seasons to come.

Its 60-ply weatherized net drapes over the sides. These attach firmly to the bottom of the screen via bungee cords, shielding it from the elements. The interlocking steel tubes connect via push pins, which makes taking it apart or putting it together a cinch.

Furthermore, its reversible L shape suits both right and left-handed pitchers – Simply flip it around and you’re good to go.

Overall, this is a terrific L Screen. Heavy duty. Strong, durable, and great for batting cage sessions.

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