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Best Baseball Board Games

When it’s too hot out, baseball season is over, or you can’t find a dozen or more kids to play a backyard baseball game, the best baseball board games can be a great way to pass the time.

So pull up a chair at the kitchen table, slap out one of these board games, and have a fun time with family or friends when the elements or situation won’t allow you to pick up a real bat and ball to play.

Below, we cover the different types of baseball board games available and review the best baseball board games available, as well as a look back at some vintage or old baseball board games.

What Are Baseball Board Games?

When you hear the word baseball, it is easy to picture a field with bats, balls, and baseball gloves. The baseball board game or tabletop baseball game concept is built around baseball but played on a table, counter, or desk.

Types of Baseball Board Games and Table Top Games

Baseball board games or table top games include the following: dice-style baseball board games, card-style baseball board games, statistic-driven baseball board games, and even table top baseball board games that have spring-loaded style pitching and batting to deliver the feel of baseball. 

Dice Style Baseball Board Games

With various board games built around dice, it is easy to see why dice-style baseball board games are so popular. 

This game features two teams, using at least one dice or multiple dice to determine the outcome of the play. The team that is up to bat rolls the dice.

The dice deliver an action or callable play, such as an out or a hit. Depending on the rules, you would play like baseball with the batting time continuing till they get three outs, and the next team is at-bat. 

The actual board game board portion resembles a baseball diamond. 

Card Style Baseball Board Game/Statistic Baseball Board Games

Card style and/or statistic baseball board games are more realistic and even allow you to use current modern baseball players and/or vintage baseball players. 

Imagine having a team filled with Mickey Mantle, Ken Griffey Jr, and Mike Trout in your outfield? Strat-0-Matic baseball uses player cards and statistics while incorporating dice to determine the outcome of each play.

Baseball Trivia

Baseball + trivia, two fun, exciting, and enjoyable hobbies, join to deliver you one exciting, fun game. 

The trivia-based questions align with the game of baseball. Questions such as “what is it called when a batter takes three strikes” or even more advanced questions like “what baseball player hit the Warehouse at Camden Yards during the Home Run Derby.” 

The fun thing with baseball trivia is that more people can play, with multiple teams competing.

Table Top Baseball Games (Action/Spring Based)

The last of the various baseball board games and/or tabletop baseball games is the action spring-style game based around pitching a marble, silver, or other small round ball to a spring-loaded bat that can hit the ball like an actual baseball game. 

Based on the outcome of that baseball, the game of baseball is played.

If the batter misses the ball, strike 1 is called. If the hit that follows lands the ball in a territory that says out, that batter is now out. 

Best Baseball Board Games

With that said here are the Top 5 Baseball Bard Games or Tabletop Baseball Games available to purchase.

[review title_number=”1″ link=”” title=”Strat-O-Matic Baseball” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

One of the most realistic versions of baseball board games is Strat-O-Matic Baseball. It allows the owner to purchase new teams and seasons to add to the original collections that you may have received at the time of purchase.

For example, if you buy the current version, you will get the 2021 season. Then you can add a pack of cards for various years available such as the 1960’s Series A cards or the 1921 Negro League Baseball season roster.

This game is played using real life statistics along with dice to determine the baseball action on the field.


[review title_number=”2″ link=”” title=”Grandma Smiley’s What About Baseball Board Game” img_link=””] [cta_button link=””]

This variation of the baseball board game is fun to play by baseball fans of all ages. The game is built around dice rolling with no real-life players or statistics needed to take the field.


3. Game Zone Super Stadium Baseball Tabletop Game with Realistic Baseball Action

This game is played by two players, one controlling the pitcher and one controlling the batter.

The player controlling the pitcher pulls a trigger releasing the baseball, and the batter uses a trigger to swing the bat.

Based on what happens, the outcome of the play is determined.

4. Hammer + Axe Vintage Wood Baseball Board Game for 2-8 Players

Moving back to a dice-style baseball game, the Hammer + Axe Vintage Wood Baseball game is a simple style baseball game that doesn’t require the use of real players or statistics while being easy to set up.

5. Grandma Smileys What About Baseball Trivia Edition

The last of the best board games and table top baseball games is Grandma Smileys What About Baseball Trivia game, built around the popular style of trivia.

Vintage Baseball Board Games

Many baseball board games of today could also be considered vintage baseball board games as well based on the version you have. 

For instance, if you haven’t purchased an updated version of Strat-O-Matic baseball or Dynasty League Baseball, you could be playing with a set from 5-10, heck, even 20-plus years old.

The group of vintage baseball board games or old baseball board games includes the likes of All-Star Baseball, Parker Brothers Baseball Game, Let’s Play baseball, and even Home Team Baseball. 

Other Types of Baseball Games That Aren’t Actual Baseball

While tabletop baseball games and baseball board games are fun to play, other types of baseball games available that don’t require a real field or a video game system include baseball darts, Go Sports Strikeout Challenge, Baseball Bean Bag Toss, and even baseball pinball games.

Here are a few of those items below.

Baseball and Dart Board Games Set

Hey! Play! Baseball Pinball Tabletop Skill Game

Honorable Mention Baseball Board Games and Tabletop Baseball Games

Just missing the list of the best baseball board games include the likes of Pizza Box Baseball, APBA Pro Baseball, Deadball Baseball, Dynasty League Baseball, Sharper Image Perfect Pitch Tabletop Baseball, and The RallyBird Baseball Board game. 


Whether you are ready to play baseball on an actual field or at the kitchen table, the game of baseball is one game that can bring all your family and friends together for a fun time, especially as more kids and teens shift their attention to fancy digital baseball games such as MLB: The Show.

With so many different baseball board games and other types of baseball games available, your game night can look to get even more exciting.

Take the time to research the various types of baseball board games available to see which one will fit what you are looking for.


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