15 Wood Bat Companies You Should Consider

- September 3, 2023

Baseball, from an early age upwards through Major League Baseball, uses very similar equipment, features the same rules, and even many of the same concepts. However, the type of bat used is the one difference when playing little league, travel baseball, or even college baseball compared to Minor League and Major League Baseball. 

In little league baseball, travel baseball, and for the most part, college baseball, the players use aluminum bats. In contrast, players at the Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball levels use wooden bats. 

If you’re transitioning from an aluminum bat to a wooden bat or are just interested in learning more about wood baseball bats, we’re here to help.

Top 15 Wood Bat Companies

The baseball equipment industry has a long list of companies producing a wide range of products, from gloves to batting helmets to baseballs to baseball bats. Wooden baseball bats, in particular, are made by a long list of companies, from big-name companies such as Louisville Slugger and Easton to smaller, lesser-known companies such as AXE Bats, Baum Bat, and B45, to name just a few.

Here’s a list of the top 10 wood bat companies you should consider. Read on!

The baseball bat industry is as large as ever, with new companies entering the market each year. Are there other great wood bat companies you don’t see on our list? Leave a comment, and we’ll check them out!

1. Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger is one of the leaders in wood baseball bats while classifying all levels of bats for little league baseball players to professional baseball players. Louisville Slugger are also one of the best wood bat companies in the industry, offering a wide range of wooden bats, including their MLB prime family, that align with the wooden bats used by professional players, including the Christian Yelich version.

2. Rawlings

Another top wood bat company is Rawlings, a leader in the baseball equipment industry since 1887. Rawlings offers a long list of wood bats, including professional-grade wood bats. The collection of Rawlings bats includes both ash and maple-style bats for any age group to choose from. 

3. Mizuno 

A third name in the wooden bat industry is Mizuno. Some would group it in the professional wood bat companies class, while others would classify it as a wooden bat for any age group. Like many top bat manufacturers, Mizuno makes wood bats from Japanese ash and maple. 

4. Easton

If you have been around the game of baseball for any period of time, one company that has anchored itself among the top is Easton. Easton, who makes some of the top aluminum bats within the industry, also makes a great wood bat that can compete with many of the other bat companies on this list.

5. Axe

Another smaller bat company within the industry is Axe Bats, which has built a name for designing quality products around their custom axe handle. The handle allows for better bat control, faster swing speed, and enhanced control.

6. Warstic

A new company making significant strides in the bat industry is Warstic, which has a great lineup of wooden and metal baseball bats.

Warstic is likely one of the industry’s top small wood bat companies, offering its wood bats in various models, including maple, natural, and flame ash.

In addition, Warstic offers many customizable wooden bats for you to build, including changing the colors.

7. Sam Bat

Sam Bats are some of the best wooden bats in the industry, receiving a massive endorsement from future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera, who swings them at the MLB level. Check them out – they produce some great bats.

8. Marucci Sports

Landing at number 10 on the list of the top 10 wood bat companies is Marucci Sports, which has been a leader within the sports equipment industry since its start in 2003.

Marucci offers a long list of wooden bats, including Custom Pro wooden bats, Pro Model Wooden Bats, and even professional cut wooden bats. 

9. Phoenix Bat Company

One of the new faces of the wooden bat industry is the Phoenix Bat Company, which delivers exceptional customer service and the ability to place custom orders.

In addition, Phoenix Bats have a custom known with their ProXR Knob that offers correct hand position. Phoenix Bats are made of maple, yellow birch, and northern white ash. 

10. Old Hickory

The last bat company landing on the Top 10 Wood Bat Companies list is Old Hickory, which continues to be a leader within the wooden bat industry.

Old Hickory bat company has been around since 1999, producing bats for a list of top-tier professional baseball players, including former MVP Mike Trout.

Old Hickory bats are made in maple and ash and have options for both adult and youth players. 

11. B45 Bat Company

A company that has been around the wooden bat scene since 2004 is B45, one of the leaders in the group of the top small wood bat companies.

The company is relatively small despite being around since 2004 and making some of the best wood baseball bats today. B45 bats are made of yellow birch while delivering a lower break rating compared to other wood materials.

The company comes to the plate with a wide range of bats available, including the B-1 style and B271 model, their Pro Select models, and a design-your-own bat feature.

12. Zinger Bats

A second small wood bat company that stands above the rest is Zinger Bats, which appeared in 1998, designing custom bats for professional baseball players.

Zinger bats are made of rock maple and northern ash. The company offers a professional x series style bat mirrored to professional design bats for MLB players.

In addition, the company provides a transitional series of wood bats for youths transitioning to wooden bats.

13. Chandler Bats

Chandler Bats appeared in the wooden bat scene in 2009, created with the hopes of designing the strongest wooden bats that were less likely to crack and/or splinter.

The company was later acquired by former MLB player Yoenis Cespedes in 2019. Chandler Bat is one of the top custom wood bat companies, and despite this, they’re relatively hard to find.

 14. Southern Timber Wood Bats

One of the newest wood bat companies to join the group is Southern Timber, which made its appearance within the industry in 2016.

This single-owned company has produced a long line of great wooden bats geared to baseball players, including youth and high school baseball players.

Southern timber bats are made from both maple and ash wood. The company allows for a custom design with various colors while also offering a custom model bat, the HM05, with custom designed knob to help prevent hand injuries.

15. Tucci Lumber Company

Another company that landed in the wood bat scene in 2009 is Tucci Lumber company after former professional baseball player Peter Tucci decided to launch the company.

The Tucci Lumber company offers a variety of options available, including their Game Day Signature Series, Pro Select Limited Series, Pro Model Series, Youth Bats, and Custom Pro models.

The line of bats includes maple and ash bats while also allowing a variety of color wooden bats.

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