Differences Between Wilson A2K vs A2000

- September 6, 2023

The Wilson A2K vs A2000 dilemma has been one on the mind of many players, and parents for good reason. Wilson’s A2K and A2000 glove models are two of the most iconic gloves ever made. They’re also the glove of choice for many professional infield and outfield pro players like Miguel Cabrera, Clayton Kershaw, and Jose Altuve, just to name a few.

Wilson A2K Overview

The A2K is a newer series of gloves, and one of Wilson’s best baseball gloves, retailing in the $360 range. This glove has been spotted in the hands of players such as Dustin Pedroia, Mookie Betts, Jose Altuve, Brandon Phillips, and Tony Kemp, with some of these superstars having their own model gloves.

Wilson A2K gloves feature the best leather, and Wilson technicians handcraft each glove, taking almost 3x the time it takes to make an A2000 glove. Because of this attention to detail, the A2K costs more than the A2000, and the leather is more pliable, hence easier to break in.

Wilson A2000 Overview

Wilson A2000 gloves were introduced in 1957, and are undoubtedly the most popular gloves ever made. The A2000’s craftsmanship, and protection technology that dampens sting have made it a pick for many, including pros like Clayton Kershaw, Carlos Correa, and Robinson Cano. The A2000 is less expensive compared to the A2K.


Evidently, the A2K and the A2000 are some of the best gloves you can buy. They feature Wilson’s famous dual welting which curves the fingers and helps keep the glove pocket shaped for longer. But that’s where the similarities end. end there. The choice between a2k vs a2000 comes down to two things: construction and price.

Here are the differences between the Wilson A2K and A2000.

Differences between the Wilson A2K vs A2000

Construction – A2K vs A2000

Choice of Leather

Both these gloves are made from American steerhide Pro Stock leather. The leather is taken from the factory and sorted into 3 piles – “good,” “better,” and “best”. The leather from the “best” pile is used to make the A2K gloves, while the A2000 uses leather from the “good” and “better” piles.

This gives the A2000 gloves a more rugged feel. The leather  in the “best” pile that’s used to make the A2K is thicker, stronger, and tighter; thus, making the A2K softer.


Welting is leather that is sewn into the fingers and thumbs to reinforce a glove. The A2000’s split welting is rough, which gives it a tough, rugged feel, but lengthens the break-in process. 

The A2K, on the other hand, is made out of rolled welting, which is softer but just as durable, making the A2K easier to break in. It also feels a lot more comfortable and premium.

Palm and Heel Construction

The A2K uses double palm construction, which means that it has a thin piece of leather underneath the palm, creating a firmer, more stable pocket that makes for softer catches. However, one could argue that this takes away the feel but we love how firm the A2K’s pocket feels.  The A2K also has more heel padding (the lower portion of the glove on the palm side) than the A2000.


A2Ks use a softer liner, which makes them more comfortable. Not to say that A2000s aren’t comfortable – their Dri-Lex wrist lining make them super comfortable, but the A2Ks feel softer and much more premium.

Price – A2K vs A2000

A2K’s are softer, and made from better leather and better craftsmanship, which makes them more expensive than the A2000s. A2k’s will set you back about $360, while the A2000’s come in at about $100 cheaper, at $250. Despite being cheaper the A2000 is still a very high quality glove that’s loved and used by lots of major league players.  A viable option for a lower price.

Conclusion – What is better between the Wilson A2K vs A2000?

If you want a glove that is premium and softer, the A2K is your best bet. However, the A2000 wins in our books since it’s less expensive, rugged, despite the fact that it will take longer to break in.

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  1. Dalton Bourne says:

    Both Wilson A2k and A2000 are worth for money, they are crafted to withstand years of use! However, I think A2k can last usage more.

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