How to Hit a Softball With Power – Improve Your Softball Swing

- September 4, 2023

Hitting is the backbone of softball, and hitting a softball with power is key to success as a softball player. With new technology advancements, training techniques, and even new training equipment, learning how to hit a softball with power is much easier than it was years ago.

Read on to learn more about how to improve your softball swing mechanics and your softball power hitting.

The Slow Pitch Softball vs Fastpitch Softball Swing

Slow pitch softball swings, fastpitch softball swings, and heck, even baseball swings all start with many of the same core elements such as proper grip, hip rotation, and follow through.

However, slow pitch vs. fastpitch softball swings have different approaches.

Since slow pitch softballs approach homeplate on a downward trajectory, hitters can load up and swing at an upward angle towards the ball and with full power to hit the softball with force. This force allows the softball to go far, with many power hitters hitting for home runs at will. 

Fastpitch players, who use lighter bats, focus on coming down on the ball when swinging since many fastpitch softball pitchers use the rise ball. As a result, Fastpitch softball hitters can have as great a swing as a slow pitch softball or baseball hitter.

Power Hitting in Softball – How to Hit a Softball Farther

Now it’s time to improve your softball swing mechanics. There is no single focus here – our tips on improving your softball swing work for both slow pitch softball and fastpitch softball swings. 


One way to improve your slow pitch softball swing or fastpitch softball swing is to ensure you have the proper grip while holding the softball bat. 

When aligning the hands on the bat, the top and bottom hands must align while ensuring the knuckles on both hands are straight. 

In addition, the batter must ensure that pressure is applied only to the fingers while avoiding putting extra pressure on the palms of the hands. 

Elbow Positioning

Another way to improve your stance is to evaluate your current elbow positioning and ensure that your elbow is down. 

One way to assess your swing is to set up a phone and record your swing while hitting softballs into a batting net off a tee or from a soft toss with someone tossing the softballs. 

Softball Batting Stance

As you analyze your elbow positioning with video, you can also have a chance to examine your batting stance to ensure it’s correct. 

A solid stance at the plate requires solid footing and both feet spread wide to around shoulder-width apart. 

Depending on the type of hitter you are, stance varies from player to player, with some players preferring a squared-off stance while others prefer a more open approach.

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Another area you must focus on is your stride. Stride creates the momentum and force that brings the softball bat through the zone. While the stride may vary, your hips and shoulders must turn while your hands move.

In addition, your hip must rotate while the back foot toes turn to the pitcher while the heel faces the catcher. 

Hitting Drills

Many different drills are available for you to use to improve your softball swing. These hitting drills include some don’t squish the bug drill, paint stick drill, half turn drills, and interlocking drills.

Technology Devices & Training Aids

While hitting drills are an excellent option, and perfecting your stance, grip and stride are critical factors, consider leveraging training devices. 

These aids include the VPX softball training harness, the SKLZ Hit-A-Way Softball trainer, the Swingrail, the Blast Softball Swing Analyzer, the Diamond Kinetics Swing Analyzer, and the Win Reality VR Training Program.

One-on-One Training

The last way to improve your softball swing is to seek professional training with one-on-one sessions with coaches/trainers.

You can find local coaches and trainers in your area that can put together a hitting program to help that swing get to the best it can be.


While training to get the perfect softball swing, proper preparation and practice when learning how to catch or throw better will take practice and dedication.

The same goes for hitting softball with power. Hopefully, these softball hitting tips get you well on your way. Once you’ve built up a fair amount of confidence, head on to our best slow pitch softball bat or best fastpitch bat list, and grab a bat to get you swinging for the fences!

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