7 Best Wiffle Ball Bats & Wiffle Ball Sets of 2023

- September 6, 2023

We put about 15 wiffle ball bats to the test, and picked our 7 best wiffle ball bat and wiffle ball sets. 

If you’re short on time and would rather get right to it, the Louisville Slugger C271 replica was the clear winner. Its sturdy build held up perfectly well throughout the tests we put it through, and its buid is great for durability – no cracking or denting whatsoever.

If you intend to get your kids interested in baseball early on, these bats are perfect to get you crushing some Wiffle balls and having some good fun in your backyard. However, picking the best Wiffle ball bat is often difficult and downright confusing. There options are plentiful!

Here are our best 7 picks to help you make an informed choice.

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Top 7 Best Wiffle Ball Bats & Wiffle Ball Sets of 2023

Ever heard of the Louisville Slugger C271? Well, the C271 is one of Louisville Slugger’s best wood bats. However, the Louisville Slugger Wiffle ball bat is a plastic replica modeled off the appearance and design of the mercurial C271. It comes as a set, with a Wiffle ball included.

The key difference between the two bats is the material. The replica is plastic, whereas the Louisville Slugger C271 is high-grade maple.

At 34 inches in length, the Louisville Slugger Wiffle ball bat is not only suitable for kids – Adults (either playing for fun, or pro batters looking to harness the benefits of training with a Wiffle bat) can use it with ease.

Furthermore, The high-grade plastic used on this bat makes it a solid bat capable of hitting home runs. The sturdy plastic build holds up well to lots of abuse, so it won’t dent or crack easily.

Finally, its faux wood grain finish gives this bat a near authentic wood bat look that looks and feels great in the hands.

This wiffle ball set comes with 2 yellow 32″ wiffle ball bats, 6 wiffle baseballs, and 5 throw down bases, which includes a 3 base set, a pitcher’s plate, and a home plate. What’s more, they toss in a bonus NOIS tissue pack for free.

This is one of the best wiffle ball sets for both indoor and outdoor use. Both bats, and the 6 wiffle balls that come with it are made of high quality plastic, and the bases feel sturdy but flexible. The bases measure approximately one square foot, while the plate is approx 1 foot wide. Also, the rubber bases are durable, flexible, and easy to clean. Their bright orange color means they’re visible when running bases.

At less than 4 pounds, this wiffle ball set is easy to carry and easy to set up. Great quality that will hold up well for the long haul.

While this isn’t your typical yellow bat, the Franklin MLB Pro-Elite aluminum wiffle ball bat is one of the best wiffle bats we’ve used. This aluminum wiffle ball bat sports a 30″ long, 1/18″ barrel. Franklin MLB Pro-Elite’s lightweight design makes it possible to swing for long periods without tiring out.

Its aluminum construction sets it apart, making it durable enough that you don’t need to worry about cracking or denting. The PU bat grip makes it easy to get a decent grip, especially when trying to get solid contact with the 5.5″ practice balls that come with it.

The GTSOH (get that sh*t out of here!) bat is another one of the best Wiffle ball bats on the market today.

Specifically, it boasts a wide 2.5″ barrel that provides the extra surface area for better contact, and a 34″ wood handle.

The handle design of this bat is what makes it a GTSOH. Palisades took a screwball bat, removed the handle and added the beautiful wooden handle, a knob and a bat grip for ample grip and confidence at the plate.

Moreover, the GTSOH feels incredible in the hands and makes you just want to hit homers all day long. The knob feels comfortable and molds right into your hands.

However, the bigger barrel adds significant bulk to the GTSOH and may lower your swing speed. For us, this weight made the bat feel sturdy and made for solid hits.

The Pro Stix Training set features a high quality plastic bat. It is fantastic for a backyard game of Wiffle ball, or beginner training on the field. For the price and the quality offered, this is one of the best entry-level Wiffle ball bats around.

The Easton Pro Stix can take a great deal of abuse because built to great quality. The seams don’t have the rough edges so common with other plastic bats. It feels solid in the hands, and from a distance, you wouldn’t think its made out of plastic.

It is super lightweight, and 33″ long, making it suitable for kids and adults alike.

If you enjoy a good game of Wiffle ball, you should definitely consider the Easton Pro Stix. This bat will not disappoint you.

The Blitzball bat is one of the best Wiffle ball bats on the market. Made in the USA, its design makes it ideal for speed and curving action.

Its feel, balance, and pop are greater than any other Wiffle ball bat we’ve reviewed. Construction is solid too – It features a decently sized barrel, and a regular-length bat, making it a great pick for beginners, both kids, and adults.

Weighing just under 1 oz. each, this bat is safe enough for everyday backyard use and is heavy enough to handle regular Wiffle balls, but not too heavy that the ball flies at dangerous speeds.

The yellow balls that come with this blue Wiffle ball bat are easily visible in the grass, so you won’t need to worry about losing them in the backyard.

Finally, it comes with one bat and 3 balls in the package, and its universal size makes it great for both children and adults

This ubiquitous yellow bat is the only WIFFLE® ball bat you can buy, strictly speaking. So technically, this is the ‘Best WIFFLE® ball bat’.

It is the epitome of summertime fun. Made in the USA, this Wiffle ball set includes 2 32” Wiffle ball bats, and 6 perforated Wiffle balls (ideal for playing indoor, and backyard use).

The Wiffle ball set is made of lightweight, durable plastic. The plastic used to make the balls is a tough plastic. So despite being lightweight, it stands up to abuse quite well.

The 32” Wiffle ball set is simple but it gets the job done. It lacks bells and whistles like the Louisville Slugger replica wood grain finish, and the GTSOH wooden knob and hand grip. If you require extra grip, however, you may need to buy a bat grip tape for it.

That said, this wiffle ball set is ideal for kids 3 y.o and up who need a lightweight bat to hone their swing with. Great quality for the price.

How a Wiffle® Bat Can Help You as a Hitter

It’s been almost 60 years since the first Wiffle® Ball’s sale. In that time, the ubiquitous yellow bat and white ball have become an iconic symbol of summertime fun.

While spending time with your family in the summer, it is important to find a game that everyone can take part in, from the kids, mom, dad… even grandpa!

Wiffle® Ball is like a safer, toned-down version of baseball and softball. It takes away the intense running, and the risk of hardballs. The Wiffle® ball has been fooling batters since its invention in 1953.

It’s the perfect summertime family fun game. In addition, Wiffle® ball has grown from a backyard game for kids. It’s now popular amongst adults – with some even holding Wiffle® ball tournaments.

A large part of its appeal is in its spontaneity. Rules aren’t set in stone and it is playable in any setting, depending on how much space is available.

Wiffle® Ball can help build real baseball and and softball skills because of the benefits it offers your child. Here are a few of them.

Hand/Eye Coordination

Good hand-eye coordination is a crucial part of development for younger children. For kids, catching a Wiffle® ball cleanly can be a difficult skill to master. Hoever, these skills can be honed in the backyard with a good old Wiffle® ball bat.

Teaches Proper Mechanics

Kids need to learn early on how to swing and make contact with the ball. All the talk about bat speed and launch angles is not important early on.

If your child starts out with a heavy wood or metal bat, it is going to be difficult to teach proper hitting mechanics and how to achieve solid contact with the ball.

Wiffle® ball builds an understanding of the strike zone, a feel for timing, and teaches your child to stay in on every pitch, without the fear of getting hit by the ball.

Teaches the Secrets to Hitting

As players improve, they often have to face curveballs, sliders and change-ups. Playing Wiffle® gives your child a good start. And because a Wiffle® bat is skinny, it is devilishly hard to hit which adds a ton of fun.

Relax and Have Fun!

Wiffle® ball is an excellent way for your child to take a break from the rigors of youth sports. It’s nice to occasionally get away from the baseball and softball politics surrounding tryouts, travel teams, and team selection and just have fun.


The Wiffle® ball bats listed here all have something that makes them unique. Our favorite pick is the Louisville Slugger C271 replica. I loved its design and its performance despite its steeper price tag.

Hopefully this review takes you one step closer to finding the right Wiffle® ball bat. Good luck!

Wiffle® is a registered trademark of The Wiffle® Ball Inc and is in no way associated with The Bat Nerds.

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