What Are the Best Seats at a Baseball Game?

- September 4, 2023

The summer months are here, and baseball action on the field is starting to heat up. With the long MLB and Minor League Baseball schedule, the opportunity to catch not only one game but multiple games presents itself. For many fans making their first trip to a baseball game or even a fan who has been before, finding the best seats at a baseball game can be challenging. 

So, what are the best seats at a baseball game? Directly behind home plate? Down the first base or third base lines behind the dugouts? The answer varies since some seats may offer better views, while others may provide better perks such as free food and beer. 

Read on to learn more about the best places to sit at a baseball game, the best baseball seats across different MLB stadiums, e.g., the best place to sit at Yankee Stadium, and the best cheap seats at Fenway Park. 

What Are the Best Seats at a Baseball Game?

Finding the best seats is vital to your enjoyment of the game. For example, seats atop the Big Green Monster at Fenway Park are amazing, while tickets to home run territory at the Oakland Coliseum are terrible. 

While there are many great seats available, the best places to sit at a baseball game are behind home plate, near the dugouts, right on the outfield fence in home run territory, and even box seats and luxury suites that land you free food and drinks.

What Are the Different Seats at a Baseball Game?

There are many options to choose from based on the stadium you are looking to buy tickets for and the MLB stadium seating for that team. 

Here are some of the different places you could sit at a baseball stadium.

Behind Home Plate & Scout Seats

One of the most exciting sections to sit in at a baseball stadium is directly behind home plate. These may be the best place seats at a baseball game in any stadium, whether MLB or MILB. 

From watching the ball come out of the pitcher’s hand to a direct view of what the batter sees, the lower the seats on the MLB field are often referred to as scout’s seats, but they can be expensive baseball seats depending on the MLB stadium.

Behind the Dugouts

Another exciting place to sit at a baseball game is behind one of the two dugouts, especially the home team or your favorite team, if possible.

Add in extra benefits if you have kids and want an up-close view of your favorite players and possibly even some autographs or a game-used baseball.

Home Run Territory

While sitting out in the outfield can sometimes be the cheapest seats at a baseball game, it can also be difficult to see. 

However, if you get lower seats on the fence within the home run territory, you will be up close with the outfielders on both teams. 

In addition, if you arrive early, you have a chance to land a free souvenir from a player or a home run ball.

Club Level, Box Seats & Luxury Suites

Now, these seats may come at a premium unless you know someone with them or work for a company that has them. 

Nonetheless, if you have an opportunity to sit in these seats just one time, it is worth it. 

While you will be farther and higher from the field, added benefits such as a personal waiter or waitress, free food and drinks, and even free giveaways make up for that.

Upper Deck Seats

The upper deck seats are at the bottom of the list for baseball stadium seats. This may not be the case if you are a MILB stadium as the stadiums are smaller, and all the seats are the “best” seats.

That said, these are last resort seats that you might want to grab up if you want to get to a game at a popular stadium and not want to pay expensive baseball ticket prices.

Upper deck seats are some of the cheapest baseball stadium tickets. 

MLB Stadiums With the Best Baseball Seats

This question is hugely open-ended since sports fans, experts, and even stadium enthusiasts might experience different atmospheres and landscapes, influencing their opinion on the best place to sit at a baseball game.

As you look around, some of the best MLB stadiums for best baseball seats include Fenway Park, Camden Yards, AT&T Park, Yankee Stadium, Coors Field, and Wrigley Field.

Each stadium has perks that stand out, including sitting on top of the Big Green Monster at Fenway Park, sitting in front of McCovey Cove at AT&T Park or Oracle Park, and even the rooftops at Wrigley Field.


Best Place to Sit at Fenway Park?

Fenway Park ranks among the best stadiums of all time, and there are many great seats, from sitting on top of the Monster in left field to the pesky pole in right field. 

In addition, if you are looking for the best cheap seats at Fenway Park, there are various seats to consider, including within the outfield grandstand section and in the outfield bleachers.

Best Place to Sit at Coors Field?

Now you won’t typically hear many people say that upper deck seats at any stadium are the best place to sit at a baseball game.

However, they are possibly the best place to sit at Coors Field because of the beautiful mountain view. Other best seats at Coors Field include the Club Level and behind both dugouts.

Best Place to Sit at AT&T Park (Now Oracle Park)

If you are looking to make a trip to Oracle Park once AT&T Park in San Francisco to catch a Giants game, the best place to sit at AT&T Park (now Oracle Park) is out in the right-field home run section in front of McCovey Cove. 

Heck, if you can’t land a ticket, grab a kayak and head out to McCovey Cove, where you can hear and feel the excitement while possibly landing yourself a home run ball.

Best Place to Sit at Yankee Stadium?

Landing tickets to any New York Yankees game will be difficult or expensive, regardless of seat location.

That said, the best place to sit at Yankee Stadium is the Legends suite, which offers extra-large seats and in-game service to take care of your concession stand needs. 

Best Seats at Safeco Field

Are you a Seattle Mariners fan looking for the best seats at Safeco Field for baseball games? Luckily, Safeco Field offers a wide range of great baseball seats and some of the best cheap seats. 

The best seats at Safeco Field are the Diamond Club seats that are right behind home plate and include complimentary food and drinks that you can order from your smartphone, a full buffet, VIP parking in the Mariners Garage, and more. 

These Diamond Club seats are expensive but regarded as the best seats at a Mariners game, owing to how close they are to the field and all-inclusive perks.

The cheap baseball seats include seats in the Upper Deck on the first base side of the field, which delivers some great views of the city while also allowing a chance to watch the game.


Having read about the best seats at a baseball game and learning about some of the stadiums with the best seats, visit a stadium near you to make your pick on the best place you could sit.

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