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50 Best Baseball Chants and Cheers to Drive Motivation and Excitement

Baseball features a ton of excitement, drama, and cheering. And while baseball cheers and chants aren’t as popular around the game as softball chants and cheers, they are still a fun and exciting way to drive motivation and energy to any baseball team.

Imagine it’s the bottom of the ninth, the batter approaches home plate with the game-winning run on second base, and no noise can be heard. What would be going through that batter’s or pitcher’s mind? Confusion and a chance to overthink the situation. In comparison, that same batter hears fans cheering his name while sending a jolt of energy through his body.

Baseball cheers to get a team pumped or send extra motivation is a great way to potentially change a game’s outcome. Here are the 50 Best baseball chants and cheers.

50 Best Baseball Chants and Cheers

Let’s Go

Let’s go (Insert team name)

(Clap or Stomp 3-5 times)

Here we go (Insert team name)


That’s the place for me

We’ve got the bases loaded

And we’re going, going, going


Yes, that’s the place for me; you’ll see

Don’t Mess

Don’t mess, don’t mess

Don’t mess with the best ‘cuz the best don’t mess

From east to west

The (Insert team name) they are the best

Strike Him Out



Or even a curve

Pitch, Pitch, Pitch that ball

We don’t care how but

Strike him out!

Boom on It

Hold on, wait a minute

(Insert team name) puts some boom on it

Ramp it up, knock it out

(Insert team name) always stays on top

Here We Go

Here we go (Insert team name), here we go (Insert team name)

(Stomp, stomp or clap, clap)

Here we go (Insert team name), here we go (Insert team name)

Bat Break



Whatever it takes

When it hits that ball

We wanna see the bat break

C’mon Ump

C’mon ump

What was that call

What’s the matter?

Can’t you see the ball

Spirit Call

Hold up, wait a minute

Let me put some spirit in it

“(Insert team name) break it down

Knock this team straight out of town



You know who we appreciate (Insert Opposing Team Name)

Everywhere We Go

Everywhere We Go

People want to know

Who we are,

So, we tell them

We are the (Insert Team Name)

The might, mighty (Insert Team Name)

We Will Win Today


 Our team is the best ever

 They never lose a game

 They hit the ball

 Out of the park

 And run around the base

 The other teams they see us

 We scare them all awaaaaaayyyy

 And that’s because we are the best

 Our team will win today!

Walking Down the Line

There he goes, just a-walkin’ down the line,

Singin’ do-waa-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-do.

Pointing his finger and laughing at you,

Singin’ do-waa-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-do.

Ball two, ball three, ball four,

C’mon, pitcher, walks some more.


Next batter up says, “Walk Me Too!!!”

Hey, Hey

Hey, Hey

Hey, Hey

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

To play

Say, go team

Go team

(Insert team name) all the way

Beat Em

B-E-A-T beat ’em

B-U-S-T bust ’em

Bust ’em, bust ’em, that’s our custom

Goooo (Insert team name)

Let’s Fight

Let’s fight tonight

And do it right

Let’s fight and win tonight

We Want

We want a single, just a little single

We want a double, just a little double

We want a triple, just a little triple

We want a home run, just a little home run


Be aggressive

Be, be aggressive


Hit It

We’re the (Insert team name), and we got the beat

So come on, y’all, and move your feet

Hit it

My team

Do it, do it, do it

Call the Cops

Call the cops

He stole a base

And you let him have it

We Are

We are here to have some fun

So, sit down and watch out

We have just begun

Yea (Insert team name)

We’re number one

Pop Fly

Pop Fly

In the sky

Smacked a birdie in an eye

On Top

We’ve got the spirit

We’ve got the fight

We’re gone win the game tonight

We’ve got the talent

We’ve got the heat

(Insert team name) It just can’t be beat

Hit it (Another Variation)

Hit it

We are the (Insert team name), and we got that beat

So come on, y’all, and move off your feat

Hit it

Mighty, mighty, mighty (Insert team name)

Do it, do it, do it

Mighty, mighty, mighty (Insert team name)

Do it, do it, do it

Fired Up

Let’s get fired up

Get rough, get tough, get mean

Let’s get fired up

And roll right over that team

Rip, Rip

(Insert Players Name is a friend of mine, rip, rip

He can hit it anytime, rip, rip

Anytime and anywhere, rip, rip

He can hit it outta here, rip, rip

Number One

Were number one

Can’t be number two

And we’re going to beat the whoopsie out of you

Home Run

Look at our batter

Smilen face

Watch him round all the bases

Get Out of Our Way

Hey, hey

You get out of our way

Today is the day

We will put you away

Strike Out Chant

Slider speedy

Or even a curve

Pitch, pitch, pitch that ball

We don’t care how but strike him out

Stand Up

Stand up and cheer

Let ’em know we’re here

C’mon (Insert team name), don’t be lame

You’ll win the game

Action, Action (Baseball cheer for fans)

Action, action

We want action

A-C-T (Clap three times)

I-O-N (Clap three times)


(Insert team name) we want action

He May

He may be short

He may be small

But he can really smash that ball

Hey Pitcher

Hey pitcher

Tie your shoes

Cause (Insert player name) gonna hit it right over you

Hit It

Hit it hard, hit it level

Hit it hard, hit it level

Then run like the devil

Then run like the devil

Stomp All Over You

(Insert team name) are ready

(Insert team name) are smooth

(Insert team name) will take control

And stomp all over you



Pitch that ball

Make that player miss at the plate

Job Done

Stronger than steel

Hotter than the sun

(Insert player name) won’t stop

Till he gets the job done

See That Batter

See that batter at the plate

He’s the best batter in all the state

He’s got the spirit; he’s got pride

Ha, Ha, Ha, he’s on our side

Big G

Big G, Little O

Go, Go, Go

Big G, Little O

Go, Go, Go

Hey Batter

Hey batter, batter

Hey batter, batter

Batter, batter, swing

Hey There

Hey there pitcher

Whatcha gonna do

(Insert batters name) is coming after you

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Hi ho, hi ho

It’s off to first we go

Then second, then third

Then home again

Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho 

What We’ve Got

What we’ve got

We’ve got a lot

We’ve got a team that’s red hot

One More Time

Down the field

Over the fence

Let’s do it

One more time



Fight, fight, (Insert team name), fight

Move Back

Move back

Move back

Our home run hitters up to bat

Move up

Move up

You never know if he will bunt

Pitchers Got an Arm

Beep-beep, beep-beep, listen to the phone ring

Pitchers got an arm that’s a washing machine

Can ya spare some change? Can ya spare a quarter

Cuz your pitcher’s arm looks like it’s out of order

Show Your Spirit

Show your spirit in the stands

Show your spirit in the stands

Sit down and take a rest

Now you know that we’re the best

I Said

I said hey

Hey (response from the crowd)

I said hey

Hey (response from the crowd)

Hey, hey, move aside

Today we’ll take you for a ride

(Insert team name) fight, (Insert team name) win

We know you won’t be back again

Different Types of Baseball Chants?

A game plan is needed to know what chant should be used for what situation. Little league baseball chants are suited for younger kids, while baseball chants and taunts are more suited for older kids playing in higher competitive leagues such as travel baseball. 

Here is a quick look at the different baseball chants and cheers.

Baseball Chants for the Dugout

A baseball chant for the dugout is a chant or cheer that players and/or coaches can perform within their team’s dugout. These chants could be performed by players when their team is batting or when their team is on the field.

Baseball Chants for the Field

Baseball chants for the field are chants that a player or players can use when their team is out on the field or by others, such as fans in the stands to motivate the defensive team.

Baseball Chants for Batters

Baseball chants for batters are chants or cheers used to help drive motivation to the batter at the plate. 

Baseball Chants for Pitchers

While many chants are used to build motivation, baseball chants for pitchers can be both for encouragement and a way to distract them. If the batting team uses a baseball cheer aimed at the pitcher, it is designed to get in the head of the pitcher and potentially create a mishap from taking place. Meanwhile, a field team or the pitcher’s fans use a baseball cheer for him; this could deliver extra motivation.

Funny Baseball Chants 

Similar to any standard baseball cheer and chant, funny baseball chants can sound funny or include words that the teams will think are funny. These could include something like “pitchers throwing up, get him a bucket” or “pitchers got a big butt.” 

Little League Cheers and Chants

With any chant or cheer used for baseball, listening and screening the words being yelled out is always recommended. This is mainly for little league cheers, as most little league baseball players should only hear the right words for their age groups.

Baseball Chants for Fans

For many of these cheers and chants built for players, there are many other baseball chants for fans that you may hear more at a baseball game. The fans of one specific team perform these chants and cheers to drive up motivation.

Baseball Chants and Taunts

Lastly, any team is looking for a competitive advantage as long it is done safely and fairly. This is where baseball chants and taunts intended to confuse the other teams into a mistake come into play. 


While baseball chants and cheers may not be as common as softball chants and cheers, they are still a part of the game and can be if they are used respectfully while showing sportsmanship as a fun way to drive extra motivation and pump up the crowd.


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