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Should Baseball Pants Be Tight? How Baseball Pants Should Fit

- October 14, 2021
should baseball pants be tight

We often get asked questions such as “How tight should baseball pants be?”, “How should baseball pants fit?”, “Are baseball pants supposed to be tight?”, and even the occasional “Why do baseball players wear tight pants?” The pants you choose can either make or break your game. Overly baggy or loose pants can affect your […]

Baseball Strength and Conditioning – Training Gear for Baseball Workouts

- July 9, 2021
baseball strength and conditioning

During baseball season, batting, pitching, and fielding practice sessions may take precedence over speed and agility work. However, almost every movement in baseball combines both lateral and rotational motion. Athletes must undertake baseball strength and conditioning exercises to build their speed, agility, and core strength to elevate their game to the next level. Exercises that […]

How to Clean Your Baseball or Softball Cleats

- July 5, 2021
how to clean baseball and softball cleats

During a game, your cleats can pick up lots of dirt, mud, grass, and debris. Often, we see questions such as “how do I clean white softball cleats?”, “how do I remove turf stains from cleats?”, “Can you wash cleats in the washing machine?” Cleaning your baseball/softball cleats immediately afterward is part of the game […]

Everything You Need to Know About the BESR Bat Standard

- June 13, 2021
besr bats

Every few years, new rules come up that govern the sport of baseball and softball. Balls are being hit harder, and the regulators are doing their best to keep these two sports safe. Some of these regulations dictate what bats can be used and what cannot. One such example is USA Baseball’s new bat standard, […]

Steps to Break in a Composite Bat for Baseball & Softball Bats

- June 13, 2021

“How do I break in a composite bat?” We often see this question from players who’ve just bought new composite bats and aren’t getting 100% performance. And rightfully so. Unlike wood baseball bats or alloy bats that come hot out of the wrapper, composite baseball and softball bats require breaking in to perform optimally. Below, […]

The Best Portable Pitching Mounds

- May 21, 2021
The portable pitching mounds - Main image showing an actual mound on a baseball field

Portable pitching mounds replicate actual game mounds, such that they transition smoothly into the field of play to mimic the natural slope of an actual field, and the top-down view is an oval or circle shape. These mounds have become an invaluable training tool for pitchers of all ages. Below, we review portable pitching mounds […]

Baseball Positions – The 9 Position Numbers Explained

- March 1, 2021
Baseball position numbers

There are nine baseball positions on the field. These are: PitcherCatcherFirst BasemanSecond BasemanThird BasemanShortstopLeft FielderCenter FielderRight Fielder Each position requires a particular skill set to effectively get outs and keep the offensive team from scoring runs. Baseball rosters typically have 25 players so that the 9 players on the field are occasionally rotated through the […]

Best Training Aids for Baseball & Softball to Hone your Skills

- January 27, 2021

A lot goes into becoming a better hitter, much of which depends on getting the right coaching & instruction. Another crucial but oft-overlooked factor is using the right training equipment. While these tools won’t instantly propel you to stardom, they will help you hone your technique. With repeated use, these best training aids will push […]