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Best BBCOR Bat of 2021 – Our 10 Best Drop 3 Bats Reviewed!

- March 23, 2021
Best BBCOR bat

Need to buy the best BBCOR bat on the market today? You are not alone. More than 450,000 high school players and more than 25,000 college players, National Federation of State High School Associations baseball players, and players in other different leagues need BBCOR certified bats. With so many options to choose from, the best […]

Top 5 Best Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews for 2021

- March 10, 2021

When picking out the best fastpitch softball bat, you want one that gives you absolute bang for your buck. You want a bat that feels great in the hands, helps you swing faster, hit harder and farther. Recent innovation from companies such as and Louisville Slugger, Marucci, Easton, and DeMarini has made choosing a fastpitch […]

Exit Velocity and How To Calculate It

- March 4, 2021
How to calculate exit velocity

As the baseball world gets more and more technical while using science and technology to push the limits, terms that you may or may not know constantly get thrown out. One of these ideas is exit velocity, which is very prevalent in today’s game, mostly at the major league level.  Today, we will break down […]

Baseball Positions – The 9 Position Numbers Explained

- March 1, 2021
Baseball position numbers

There are nine baseball positions on the field. These are: PitcherCatcherFirst BasemanSecond BasemanThird BasemanShortstopLeft FielderCenter FielderRight Fielder Each position requires a particular skill set to effectively get outs and keep the offensive team from scoring runs. Baseball rosters typically have 25 players so that the 9 players on the field are occasionally rotated through the […]

Best Training Aids for Baseball & Softball to Hone your Skills

- January 27, 2021

A lot goes into becoming a better hitter, much of which depends on getting the right coaching & instruction. Another crucial but oft-overlooked factor is using the right training equipment. While these tools won’t instantly propel you to stardom, they will help you hone your technique. With repeated use, these best training aids will push […]

Best Batting Cage to Buy in 2021

- January 8, 2021
Best batting cage

The path to greatness consists of a burning desire to be the best, unwavering purpose, and good company along the way. For baseball and softball players who want to take their game a notch higher, a backyard batting cage can be a vital training aid. Thankfully, there are plenty of inexpensive batting cages on the […]