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6 Best Baseball Games for PS4

- October 18, 2022
Best Baseball Games for PS4

Video and smartphone games continue to take center stage as technology evolves. From Battle Royale games involving battling other players in games such as Fortnite to building your own three-dimensional world in Minecraft to facing off head-to-head in Madden Football. For baseball fans looking for the best baseball games for PS4, here are six great […]

Top 10 Best Black Baseball Players

- October 18, 2022
Best Black Baseball Players

Baseball is a game of many races, cultures, and historical backgrounds. Major League Baseball has a long list of talented superstars from the United States and other areas like Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba. On this list are many great black baseball players. But who is the best black player of all? Our […]

10 Best Android Baseball Games

- October 18, 2022
best android baseball games

As a baseball or video game fan, you have the opportunity to play baseball whenever you want with any one of these android baseball games. From realistic baseball action featuring MLB-licensed teams and MLBPA-licensed players to arcade-style baseball games, here are the top 10 best android baseball games for you. Top 10 Best Android Baseball Games […]

How Long Is a Baseball Game?

- October 17, 2022
how long does a baseball game last

New baseball fans just getting into the game often wonder, “How Long Is a Baseball Game?” The short answer is: baseball does not depend on a ticking clock, unlike most team sports that use quarters, periods, or halves to measure time. There is no specific time length for a baseball game – teams at the […]

Top 10 Shortest MLB Players

- September 26, 2022
shortest MLB players

You’ve probably heard “size doesn’t matter” mentioned a few times, which is as accurate in baseball as in most scenarios. Both height and weight don’t matter – all you need are the tools to produce at a high level. In some sports, short players may not have a chance. In baseball, however, some of the […]

Top 10 Tallest MLB Players

- September 26, 2022
tallest MLB players

As you look around the history of Major League Baseball and baseball in general, many tall baseball players have played the game, some of them being some of the best players of their generation and of all time. One former MLB player landing as one of the Tallest MLB Players All-Time is Randy Johnson. Meanwhile, […]

What Is the Best Position in Baseball?

- September 15, 2022
best position in baseball

Baseball has nine positional players – the pitcher, the catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, center fielder, right fielder, and the left fielder. Of all the positions listed, what is the best position in baseball? Best Position in Baseball? We rank the the pitcher as the best position in baseball. However, multiple positions can […]

15 Best Puerto Rican Baseball Players

- September 7, 2022
Best Puerto Rican baseball-players

The history of Major League Baseball is teeming with talented baseball players from Puerto Rico. Roberto Clemente headlines the list as the best Puerto Rican Baseball player of all time. Joining Clemente on the list includes the Alomar brothers Sandy Alomar and Roberto Alomar, future Hall of Famer Yadier Molina, current All-star Francisco Lindor, and […]

How Much Do Professional Softball Players Make?

- September 1, 2022
how much do professional softball players make

Despite Many great female softball players have been showcased, from the great Lisa Fernandez to Jennie Finch to Cat Osterman, many fans still ask the same question about professional softball players, i.e., how much do professional softball players make? While most eyes are fixated on the astonishing record-high MLB contracts professional baseball players land, softball […]

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains?

- September 1, 2022
Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains

Many fashion trends have shown up within the game over the years. From players wearing high socks to baggy baseball pants to crazy eye black designs. With more players making fashion statements with chains, one question that often comes up is why baseball players wear chains.  Let’s find out. Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? […]