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10 Best 1980 Topps Baseball Cards

- April 24, 2023
1980 Topps Baseball Cards

From the late 1970s through the early part of the 1980’s Topps Baseball Cards were the main card in the industry. However, the sports card industry and how baseball card collectors collected were not like today. eBay wasn’t around, the way of the internet to search for baseball cards for sale and heck, the internet […]

10 Best 1986 Topps Baseball Cards

- April 9, 2023
1986 Topps Baseball Cards

The 1980s delivered some iconic baseball players who would slowly take over Major League Baseball for the years to come. Starting with Cal Ripken Jr in 1982, Roger Clemens in 1985, and Ken Griffey Jr in 1989. However, one name that put together numbers like no other in the history of baseball was Barry Bonds, […]

Best Baseball Rebounder & Pitchback Net Reviews for 2023

- March 21, 2023
best baseball rebounder and pitchback net

Often, the best way to get good at something is consistent practice. There are few things quite as rewarding as seeing your hard work paying off, however. So players who want a “one-on-one practice partner” for baseball and softball pitching will find value in investing in the best baseball pitchback rebounder. If you’re starting, you’ve […]

Best Wood Bats for 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

- March 21, 2023

A wood bat is one of the best investments you can make as a player – and for good reason. Wood bats teach vital fundamentals such as better pitch selection, improved technique, precision, and strength. Despite metal bats being all the rage right now, their benefits may very well be their drawback – their innovation […]

Best Coach Pitch Bat – Our Top 5 Picks

- March 21, 2023
best coach pitch / junior big barrel bats

What’s the best coach pitch (aka junior big barrel baseball bat)? Well, as it turns out, sifting through the plethora of top-notch brands to find the best one is surprisingly harder than we thought. The options are plentiful! To make your experience easier than ours was, we’ve narrowed down on our 10 best junior big […]

Composite vs Aluminum Bats – What’s the Difference?

- March 21, 2023

Baseball and softball players today have to choose from a plethora of bats. Gone are the days when wood bats were the only option available. Players who want something other than a wood bat need to consider the ‘composite vs aluminum bats’ debate. While composite bats have their benefits, the performance is pretty much even […]

Cold Weather & Baseball Bats – Can I Use My Bat In Cold Weather?

- March 21, 2023
Cold Weather & Baseball Bats

We’ve seen lots of questions about whether it’s okay to play in cold weather. Whether you play baseball or softball, we will shed some light on these frequently asked questions: Should I Use My Baseball Bat Or Softball Bat When It’s Cold? Well, it depends. For most non-wood baseball bats, cold weather is problematic, especially […]

Best 9 Hole Pitcher’s Pocket for Baseball & Softball

- March 21, 2023

Parents and coaches rejoice – The days of playing catcher for your kids are over! Your wrist and palms can finally catch a break. A 9-hole pitcher’s Pocket is like having a catcher that lets the pitcher know where they want the ball. Its nine individual pockets work as targets to help hone accuracy, while […]

Top 7 Best Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews for 2023

- March 21, 2023

When picking out the best fastpitch softball bat, you want one that gives you absolute bang for your buck. You want a bat that feels great in the hands, helps you swing faster, hit harder and farther. Recent innovation from companies such as and Louisville Slugger, Marucci, Easton, and DeMarini has made choosing a fastpitch […]