Best Pitching Machines for the Money

By The Bat Nerds

Sports Attack Junior Hack Attack


This three-wheel pitching machine won’t tear up your baseballs, and lets batters see the ball to help improve their timing. Its wheels can make all sorts of pitches, its wheels make it easy to move on and off the field.  It is capable of using regulation leather baseballs is also a huge plus.

ATEC M3 Baseball Pitching Machine


The M3 is MLB's official pitching machine.  The M3 throws at 105mph, and uses real baseballs, dimple balls or foam machine baseballs. Its wheel tread, steel frame and wide base tripod all work to increase ball grip and maximizes pitch accuracy. Its 3-wheel design allows for ball visibility which improves timing.

Heater Sports Deuce Pitching Machine


The Deuce is perfect for kids ages 8 to those in high school. Its dual pneumatic tires have dual variable wheel speed controls that can be adjusted to easily throw a number of pitches at speeds ranging between 15 and 75 MPH. The Deuce operates on standard 110V AC power or a battery pack (sold separately) for convenience.

First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine


First Pitch’s entry level budget model can throw from 10 to 70 MPH. Its steel and aluminum construction makes it light and durable. It can be used with regulation baseballs, 11″ and 12″ softballs, or dimple balls and pitches pop-ups, fly balls, fastballs, changeups and grounders.

Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame


The UPM 45 is a fun, easy and affordable. For its price, its value is hard to beat. Weighing in at only 23 pounds, the Blue Flame is portable and, because it does not use electricity or batteries, so no annoying power cords or significant repair costs. It easily uses regular baseballs without ripping them apart.

BSN Bulldog Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine


The BSN Bulldog can throw both real baseballs, as well as 11″ and 12″ softballs at speeds of 30-60 mph at an impressive 6 second pitch interval. It is lightweight and easy to operate and runs on 110V AC or a 0.25-HP DC motor. However, investing in a D.C generator should fix the need to be plugged in.

JUGS Lite-Flite Pitching Machine


The Lite Flite is well worth the investment if you’re looking for an affordable, top rated pitching machine. Pitching angles are accurate, and it uses Lite-Flite baseballs which are great for practicing with younger children without worrying about getting hit by the ball.